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About the Authors

Brian J. Heaton got his start as a professional writer in 1998, reporting on the military sports and fitness industry for two monthly magazines. After earning his law degree, Brian returned to journalism in the 2010s, spending several years as a senior writer covering public sector technology law and policy. His work appeared across four different magazines and their related websites. Brian now works in a communications management role for a prominent legal association that educates and trains prosecutors.

Brian co-wrote Building An Empire: The Story of Queensr˙che, the first biography on the band, with James R. Beach and Brian L. Naron. It was published in October 2021 by NW Metalworx Books. Heaton also founded The Breakdown Room, the largest online community of Queensr˙che's followers in the world, in late-2004. The forum served as a major source of Queensr˙che news and information for numerous media platforms until its closure in 2016. The forum was the first news outlet to bring the Queensr˙che lawsuit (Tate v. Jackson) documents to light in 2012, with Heaton and other attorneys providing legal analysis of the case until its settlement in 2014.

A proud native of Patchogue, Long Island, New York, Brian now resides in Northern California with his family.

Brian L. Naron is a charter member of the original Queensr˙che fan club, #004, and the curator of the R˙chean Arch˙ves. He is a high profile Queensr˙che memorabilia collector. He co-authored Building An Empire: The Story of Queensr˙che and is a co-owner of NW Metalworx Music and Books. He is also the owner of an independent record store, Innergroove Music, in Puyallup, Washington. Brian is a husband, father and grandfather who creates visual art, writes poetry, loves the Seattle Seahawks, and resides in Belfair, Washington.