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Roads to Madness The Touring History of Queensr˙che front cover. Book by Brian J. Heaton.

Taking you somewhere far beyond the void...

Roads to Madness: The Touring History of Queensr˙che (1981-1997) contains setlists, live photos, stage banter, historical essays, attendee anecdotes, musician commentary, concert flyers, ticket stubs, and backstage passes compiled over the course of the band's first 16 years. Relive concert moments from your past or envision what it was like to be in the audience during Queensr˙che's most celebrated period in the 1980s and 1990s.

Join band historians Brian J. Heaton and Brian L. Naron, as they describe Queensr˙che's beginnings as an opening act for heavy metal titans such as Ronnie James Dio, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and Metallica. Find out how Queensr˙che blossomed into the creative force that wrote, recorded, and toured in support of the legendary concept album Operation: Mindcrime. Experience the band's road dog mentality as they hit stardom with Empire, and the massive hit single, "Silent Lucidity." And, once Queensr˙che grabbed the brass ring, learn how the band navigated that fame as new frontiers appeared on the musical landscape.

The journey of struggle and success that was life on the road for Queensr˙che is now at your fingertips. Take hold!

"A celebration of Queensr˙che's commitment to their craft and
our appreciation of their art." - Jeff Wagner