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Re: Fates Warning
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I first heard Fates when I was over at a buddy's house when I was still in junior high. He was playing something from Parallels, and it might've even been "Eye to Eye." I think I went home and ordered Parellels from Columbia House almost immediately. It was just so good.

From there, I grabbed Perfect Symmetry (which I loved) and then got Inside Out when it released. I was a bit disappointed in that record and still to this day really only like half of it. I thought APSOG was a neat idea but only had a couple "songs" that I liked. So I skipped Disconnected and FWX (I still don't know if I've heard either album) but jumped back in on Darkness in a Different Light. I'm really enjoying the recent Fates albums.

Oh, and I briefly dipped into the John Arch stuff and thought man, this shit is not for me.  ;D
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Re: Fates Warning
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