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Silent Knight (Australia)
« on: June 02, 2021, 12:52:24 AM »
Anyone else heard of these guys? One of the few modern day (forming in 2009 counts as modern, right?) power metal bands from Australia and, honestly, if they were based in the US or Europe, I think they would be A LOT better known, as they have a pretty solid fusion of US power metal (their music has a lot of very fast, thrashy riffing that's more in line with the US scene) and the European scene (their vocalists tend to be closer to the likes of Helloween's Michael Kiske than anyone in the US scene and they also have a similar fondness for fantasy focused lyrics that is more fitting with the European scene).

Throwing over some links from all of their releases so people can check them out (although I had to skip over the original recording of their debut album, as I genuinely couldn't find any videos from it anywhere on the internet and it's no longer available anywhere that I can find to stream it: for what it's worth, The Masterplan is a re-recording of said debut album with their then-current vocalist, who I personally think was a MUCH better singer than the first guy, though those wanting to hear the original to do a comparison may be completely out of luck on that one).

Masterplan (album, 2012: the band's debut release and having the band's least experience line up, as the only member who I can find having had any previous recording experience prior to this was lead guitarist Cam Nicholas, which inevitably means it has some of the pitfalls one would expect of a recording debut of flawed production, less-than-confident performances and all that fun stuff. Songs were pretty great, though vocalist Zoran Cunjak is very obviously the weak link of the band due to his very strange singing voice that doesn't really fit the music...kind of interesting to imagine what direction the band might have gone in has he stayed, actually!)

No links. Blame YouTube, although I personally blame Canada. Damn you, maple leaf land! *shakes fist* (for the record, no, I am not being serious about the Canada comment, I just couldn't resist an opportunity to be silly while I was writing this!)

Power Metal Supreme (EP, 2014: first release with second vocalist Jesse Onur Oz, was a sort of early way to hear a song from their then-upcoming second album for fans with a bunch of live tracks and a cover thrown in that later got a wider release, personally think they should have chosen a different song because it's not really one of Oz's strongest vocal performances to me...also, why the band didn't actually put the song "Power Metal Supreme" on the EP of the same name is one of those decisions that makes zero sense to me as an outsider, but maybe they hadn't actually finished recording it and had to swap it out at the last minute? *shrugs*)

"Prisoner of Your World":

"Keeper of the Seven Keys" (Helloween cover):

Conquer & Command (album, 2015: first album with Oz on vocals, HUGE step up musically from where the band were on their debut for me personally and just a fun release in general...also, while the lyrics don't seem to directly reference it, I'm fairly certain that the title is a reference to a real-time strategy video game franchise, which makes me smile as a self-admitted geek who loves stuff like that!)

"Conquer & Command":

"Power Metal Supreme":

"The Final Countdown" (Europe cover):

The Angel Reborn (EP, 2017: similar deal to Power Metal Supreme, as it was a first chance for fans to hear a song from the then-upcoming release with some bonus extras thrown in for fun, except I think the song chosen from the album was a MUCH better choice this time around and the cover...wasn't, though props to the band for covering it all the same...also, because I'm aware that there is a huge elephant in the room related to the band  at the moment and I feel I should acknowledge it, yes, I know about the recent situation with Megadeth, I'm purely including the cover because I figured it was more interesting than the live tracks for most people, not to invite a flame war spirited debate on that!)

"When the Fallen Angel Flies":

"Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" (Megadeth cover):

The Masterplan (album, 2017: re-recording of the band's debut album with Oz on vocals, personally prefer the vocals on here, but part of me misses the charm of the production of the original debut album, I'll admit! Otherwise, it's a pretty fun release and probably the better listening experience for newcomers to the band!)

"The Curse of the Black Rose":

"Silent Apparitions (In the Night)":

"Pay Your Dues":

Dethrone Tyranny (single, 2019: Oz's last recording with the band, a cover of the song from Gamma Ray's 2001 album No World Order, which I've personally never clicked with as an album for some weird reason that I can't place, but it was a nice surprise to see someone cover Gamma Ray due to how rare it is that I actually see it happen!)

"Dethrone Tyranny" (Gamma Ray cover):

Bad Romance (single, 2021: first release with new vocalist Dan Brittain, who originally replaced Oz as a touring vocalist when Oz left in 2019 and became a permanent member in 2020, a cover of the song from Lady Gaga's 2009 release The Fame Monster, personally not entirely sure what I make of this cover, as I love the original song and I think Halestorm did this cover idea better anyway, but it's entertaining enough and I'm curious to see how the band follows this up!)

"Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga cover):

Full disclosure: I received a promo copy of Conquer & Command back in my days doing music reviewing and, if my memory is correct, I actually published a review of it either pre-release or very shortly after release, although I otherwise have had zero involvement with the band outside of just being a fan of their stuff. Probably an unnecessary disclosure, considering how long it has been since I did any review work and how long ago this all was, but I figured I'd throw one up just in case people find that information relevant!