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The Cure
« on: July 13, 2017, 02:13:58 AM »
In the midst of my eighties teen years while fully submerged in seventies prog rock and classic rock, along with the new wave of British heavy metal and the LA metal scene, MTV became a permanent fixation in it's glory years. One of the bands that caught my attention that I immediately took a liking to was this band, out of the ashes of the post punk scene into the new wave of the time came .....

The Cure, formed in England in 1976 and undergoing several lineup changes, with singer, songwriter, guitarist Robert Smith being the only constant member. Their debut single "killing an Arab" and debut album "Three Imaginary Boys" released in 1979 were important records in the development in the post punk and new wave movements in the UK. During the early 80's, the bands increasing dark and tormented music as well as Smith's stage look was a staple of the emerging style of music known as gothic rock. further along into the eighties the band transformed somewhat out of the doomy gloomy reputation the band had acquired and became a little more accessible and enjoyed a more mainstream level of success.

The band has released thirteen albums by my count, approximately ten ep's and over thirty singles.

The current lineup consists of:
Robert Smith: Lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards (1976-present)
Simon Gallup: Bass guitar, keyboards (1979-82, 1985-present)
Roger O'Donnell: Keyboards (1987-90, 1995-2005, 2011-present)
Jason Cooper: Drums, percussion (1995-present)
Reeves Gabrels: guitar, bass (2012-present)

Other notable former members, excluding those who weren't in the band for more than a short stint.
Michael Dempsey: bass (1976-1979)
Porl Thompson: Guitar, keyboards, sax, bass (1976-78, 1984-1992, 2005-2010)
Lol Tolhurst: Drums (1976-1982) keyboards (1981-1988, 2011)
Boris Williams: Drums (1984-1994, 2001)
Perry Bamonte: Keyboards, guitar(1990-2005)

Jumping Someone Else's Train:

Boys Don't Cry:




The Disintegration album was a masterpiece

In Between Days:
Prayers For Rain:
Love Song:
Love Song: Acoustic
Fascination Street:

Friday I'm In Love:

Just Like Heaven:
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Re: The Cure
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2017, 02:47:10 AM »
Live Paris 1979
A Forrest (at night), Killing an Arab, Three Imaginary Boys

A Forrest
Werchter Festival 1981

1984 Glasgow (full show) remaster

Live Leipzig, Germany 1990

MTV Unplugged 1992

Live 1992
A Forrest:

Live 1995
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

Live 2002
Blood flowers:

Lollapalooza 2013 (Full show)

The Cure Special Guest appearance on Korn MTV Unplugged 2006, for anyone who has never seen the full Korn MTV unplugged, I highly recommend it. It is incredibly professional and well done, a completely different side of the band and one that instantly made me a much bigger fan of Korn.

Make Me Bad/ In Between Days

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