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« on: August 31, 2016, 01:55:30 PM »
Budgie was a highly influential hard rock and early heavy metal band that like so many others was never given their deserved credit, especially in the US. Budgie did enjoy some moderate success in other markets. The band has been covered by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Soundgarden and others and are often mentioned as an influence.

The band was formed in 1967 in Cardiff, Wales and took the name Budgie in 1968, releasing their self titled debut album in 1971. The original lineup consisted of Burke Shelley (lead vocals, bass 1967-88, 95-96, 2009-2010), Tony Bourge (guitar, vocals 1967-1978), and Ray Phillips (drums 1967-1973). Steve Williams replaced Phillips on drums in 1974 and remained with the band through 1986 and returned for the bands most recent activity in 2009-2010. Other guitarists and drummers have passed through the band, the only constant original member throughout the years always being Burke Shelley.

The band released ten studio albums from 1971-1982, and a comeback album released in 2006, along with five live releases, a handful of compilations and a 1980 EP. Craig Goldy was a touring member of Budgie during a break from Dio (while he was doing Heaven & Hell) from 2007-2010, which was the last active incarnation of Budgie, their 2010 European tour had to be cancelled due to Burke Shelley suffering an aortic aneurism and the band has since been on hiatus as Shelley can no longer sing and play at the same time.

Metallica has covered the Budgie songs: Crash Course In Brain Surgery, and Breadfan.
Soundgarden has covered Homicidal Suicidal.
Megadeth recently covered Melt The Ice Away.

This is another of those bands that certainly deserves to be heard and checked out. 

Budgie: Breadfan
Radio Sessions London live 1974:
Melt The Ice Away:
Who Do You Want For Your Love:
Napoleon Bona parts 1 & 2:

Live at The Reading Rock Festival 1982

Burke Shelley interview 2010
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Re: Budgie
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He sounds like a cross between Janis Joplin and Steve Marriot. He even looks like Janis in that first clip lol. Pretty good power trio there very Zeppelin, Cream and Mountain like. Good stuff. Surprised they didn't fare better in that era, especially in the states.


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Re: Budgie
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Panzer Division Destroyed