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« on: October 31, 2018, 11:04:02 AM »
Q65 was a Dutch R&B-based garage rock and psychedelic group formed in 1965, that is often considered one of the more prominent bands associated with the Nederbeat rock wave that took place in the Netherlands in the 60s.
Past members   
Frank Nuyens
Jay Baar
Joop Roelofs
Peter Vink
Willem Bieler
Herman Brood

Q65 - The Life I Live

Q65 - I Just Can't Wait

Q65- Get Out of My Life, Woman

Q65-World of Birds

Q65 - Cry in the night

Q65 - Spoonful

Q65 - Ridin' On A Slow Train

Q65 I'm A Man(Spencer Davis Group  cover)



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Re: Q65
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These guy's are cool. Pretty good shit for as far back as 1965/66. I Just Can't Wait was probably my favorite of those.
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