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Keef Hartley Band
« on: February 20, 2018, 02:41:22 AM »
Keith "Keef" Hartley was an English drummer and band leader who fronted his own eponymous band The Keef Hartley Band, or Keef Hartley's Big Band. This band has the notoriety of being the only band that played  at the 1969 Woodstock Festival whose set was never included on any officially released album nor on the soundtrack of the film. Prior to forming his own band he was John Mayall's drummer (including his role as the only other musician other than Mayall to play on Mayall's 1967 solo album Blues Alone). He appeared on the following John Mayall albums.
Crusade (1967)
Blues Alone (1967)
The Diary of a Band , Volume 1 (Live) 1968
The Diary of a Band, Volume 2 (live) 1968
Back to the Roots (1971) appearing on some tracks.
Moving On (1973) Live
Ten Years are Gone (1973) studio + live

The Keef Hartley band played as mentioned at Woodstock in 1969. The band released the following albums.
Halfbreed (1969)
The Battle of North West Six (1969)
The Time is Near (1970)
Overdog (1971)
Little Big Band (Live at the Marquee Club) 1971
Seventy Second Brave (1972)
Not Foolish Not Wise (1968-72 studio /live (1999/2003)

The lineup of the band which released the debut album Halfbreed was Hartley, along with Miller Anderson (guitar, vocals) Gary Thain later of Uriah Heep fame on bass, Peter Dines (organ), and Ian Cruickshank (as Spit James) on guitar. Later members to join Hartley's fluid lineup included Mick Weaver (organ), Henry Lowther (trumpet/violin), Jimmy Jewell (sax), Johnny Almond (flute), Jon Hiseman and Harry Beckett.

After the Keef Hartley Bands demise. Hartley released a solo album Lancashire Hustler in 1973, he then formed the band Dog Soldier with Miller Anderson (guitar), Paul Bliss (bass), Derek Griffiths (guitar), and Mel Simpson (keyboards) they released one self titled album in 1975. Hartley died in 2011 at age 67.

Little Big Band: Essen Germany 1970

Sacked: 1969

Leavin' Trunk 1969

Sinnin For You

Born To Die


Theme Song/Enroute/Reprise: 1971

The Time Is Near

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Re: Keef Hartley Band
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2018, 10:02:13 AM »
Another one of the great underrated bands

Keef Hartley Band - Memories and Spanish fly. Woodstock 1969

Keith and Miller were in Dog Soldier later
Dog Soldier - Dog Soldier 1975 (FULL ABUM)