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Thunder are an English hard rock/melodic heavy metal band from London formed in 1989 by former Terraplane members Danny Bowes (lead vocals), Luke Morley (guitar, vocals), and Gary "Harry" James (drums), along with second guitarist and keyboardist Ben Matthews and bassist Mark Luckhurst. Their debut album Backstreet Symphony was released in 1990 and reached #21 on the UK album charts and #114 on the US Billboard 200. Their 1992 follow up Laughing on Judgement Day reached #2. All nine singles released from those first two albums reached the UK singles top 40 chart. Luckhurst left the band in 1992. The band broke up in 2000 but reunited in 2002. They broke up again in 2009 but reformed a third time in 2011 and have been active since featuring four of the five original members Bowes, Morley, James, and Matthews with Chris Childs on bass who has been with the band since 1996. They have released eleven albums to date , the most recent 2017's Rip It Up.

Love Walked In:
Castles In The Sand:
Gimme Shelter (Stones cover):

Live at Donington 1990
Love Walked In Live High Voltage Festival Reunion 2011

Until My Dying Day Live 1990

At The End Of The Road Live (full show)

Live in London 1990

I Want Your Body
Talking To Myself:

Good band, thanks Radardude  8)

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