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Aphrodite's Child
« on: January 15, 2018, 09:33:05 PM »
Aphrodite's Child was a Greek progressive rock band formed by keyboardist Vangelis Papathanassiou (who would later go by the abbreviated Vangelis), bassist and vocalist Demis Roussos, drummer and vocalist Laukas Sideras and guitarist Silver Koulouris. The bands first single recorded and released in France in 1968 "Rain and Tears" was an immediate hit in France and other European nations, they released their debut album End of the World later that year. The band then relocated to London and released their second album It's Five O'clock in 1970.

In late 1970 the band began recording Vangelis's musical adaptation of the biblical Book of Revelations, entitled 666. The double record concept album leaning more in the vein of Psychedelic and progressive rock did not sit well with the other band members and by the time it was finally released in 1972 the band had already broken up.

Vangelis and Roussos both went on to have successful solo careers, Roussos as a pop singer and Vangelis widely regarded in Electronica music. Vangelis turned down an offer to join Yes in 1974 as Rick Wakeman's replacement but went on to play  with Jon Anderson (Yes) on four albums. Vangelis also did the film scores for Chariots of Fire (Academy Award) as well as Blade Runner, Missing Antarctica, 1492 Conquest of Paradise, and Alexander. Roussos died in 2015.

Despite the bands short duration and lack of hits outside of Europe, their album 666 is considered their masterwork and was one of the very first concept albums.

666 (full album) 1972

End Of The World (1968) full album:

It's Five O'Clock:

Rain and Tears:

The Four Horseman:

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