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Poobah was initially formed in the early seventies by guitarist/vocalist Jim Gustafson, bassist/vocalist Phil Jones and they then added the first of many drummers, Glenn Wiseman. Their debut album Let Me In was released in 1972. Recordings for a second album were later released on a recording titled Rock Collection. In 1976 they recorded an album US Rock. They released another album Steamroller in 1979. They are still performing and are working on new material. The current lineup consists of Jim Gustafson (guitar, vocals), Lori Powers (percussion, vocals), Mike Lewis (bass) and Mike Fortino (drums). These guys are pretty interesting and Jim Gustafson is a pretty mean guitarist. Check them out.

Mr. Destroyer:
Mr. Destroyer Live 1979:
She's that Kind of Lover:
Make A Man outta You:
Keep On Rollin:
Walk of the Run:
Flesh Fantasies:
Jump Through the Golden Ring:
Atom Bomb:
Let Me In:

Bowleen:  Live in Cleveland 2007

Mushroom Man live at Ace's Ohio 2010

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