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Re: Queensryche Online Message Board History/Archive
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2017, 02:48:27 PM »
Name:News From The Void - from
Date:Monday, July 24, 2000 at 01:56:06 (GMT/BST)
ROTFLMAO! That Brian Heaton character. He never ceases
 to just crack me up. Now he's over on another board
 trashing his "public" over at! He thinks he's
 such a celebrity! And is so "tired" of all the
 adoration, that he just can't stop namedropping and
 telling people at the drop of a hat that he wrote for
 ONE ever gets???

 Here's a sample of little Brian's, posts.

 Talking about how lovely things are over at .com:

 "...I posted some things over there about respect, and
 being kind to one another, and different things...and I
 got slammed.
 People are just assholes ('scuse me (name deleted) but
 this required a vulgar term) sometimes."

 Sometimes I wonder why I try so hard to be a
 contributing member of that board. It gets ridiculous."

 Next post:

 "...but I'm soooo damn tired of it. EVERYTHING I say
 gets warped to something else, and I CAN NOT STAND
 putting my every word on a pedestal. It's like "DAMN IT
 PEOPLE! how many friggin' times do I have to say



 EXCUSE ME??? Putting your every word on a pedestal???
 Whyever would they do that, if they weren't led to
 believe you were SOMEONE??? And who told them that you
 were?? Maybe your umpteen posts about "knowing
 something", "telling Kev ol buddy", "Sean, we'll discuss
 this later", "I write for the EoQ", "I think the band
 should do this/that/the other". What a little
 self-important, hypocritical dipshit you are. Oh wait,
 you're a QR fan, aren't you? Then you are normal.


Yes, it's clear that the problems with EOL go way beyond his site. I find it amusing that he actually portrayed himself as some kind of "peacekeeper" between fans. Give me a break!  ::)

During this time, he's feverishly defending AND complaining about the band simultaneously due to his Eye On Queensryche "gig". His insistence on setting himself up for humiliation NEVER ceases to baffle me.  :-[... ::)

P.S. Rustvold??    ???...:D


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Re: Queensryche Online Message Board History/Archive
« Reply #16 on: January 20, 2018, 03:53:18 AM »
Wow, this is a definite blast from the past!  Scrolling through some of that (definitely not ALL of that), a few things come to mind:
  • I now remember why I didn't participate in the Void and Sanctuary.  What a shit show!  Some of the things were very interesting to read, and I even recognized a few names that I hadn't seen in ages.
  • Message board appearance and structure have come a looooong way since they were first on the web!  I can only take so much before having to sit back and let my eyes unfuck themselves.
  • We're coming up on 18 years ago on some of these posts, and you can really see how even back then that the internet/QR community was annoyed with Brian and his self-righteous shit.  18. YEARS.

I remember the whole DiBella/Tate dispute about DiBella having, but never knew that someone held hostage though.  I do remember when .com launched.  It was never a complete site (lots of "Under Construction" text, or pages that simply didn't have anything on them) and then was left in a stagnant state for several years.
That Justbob guy doesn't post too much, but he is pretty much always right  ;D