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Lucifer Was
« on: October 30, 2017, 09:41:24 PM »
This is an interesting band. these guys formed in Norway back in 1969 under the name Empty Coffin, then changed their name to Ezra Was, before changing it to Lucifer Was in 1972. The band composed material during their initial active period from 1972-74 but split up in 1974 before any of it was recorded. The band got back together in 1995 and completed their original compositions and released them as their debut album Underground and Beyond in 1997. The band has continued to perform and record up to the present.

Underground and Beyond (1997)
In Anadi's Bower (2000)
Blues from Hellah (2004)
The Divine Tree (2007)
The Crown of Creation (2010)
DiesGrows (2014)

From what I've been able to find the band members have consisted of:
Andreas Sjo Engen: guitars
Arne Martinussen: keyboards
Thore Engen: guitars,vocals
Jon Ruder: vocals
Igor Kill: bass
Einar Bruu: bass
Rune Engen: drums
Not sure who plays the flute, I don't think this is a complete list.

None the less, a very progressive leaning band with some pretty good stuff check them out.

The Meaning of Life:
The Green Pearl:
Silver Spoon:
I'm Cornered:
On Earth:
In Anadis Bower:
Little Child:

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