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Warrant is an American glam metal band formed in 1984 in Los Angeles, CA. They enjoyed their most success from 1989-1996 with five albums reaching international sales of over ten million copies. The bands first lineup included guitarist Eric Turner, vocalist Adam Shore, drummer Max Asher, guitarist Josh Lewis and bassist Chris Vincent. Vincent was soon replaced by Jerry Dixon. The band initially played shows in southern California and in 1996 the band was revamped with new members Jani Lane (vocals), Steven Sweet (drums) and Joey Allen (guitar) replacing Shore, Asher and Lewis. After this new lineup started gaining some attention in the LA club scene they recorded a demo in 1987 on Paisley Park records (owned by Prince) In 1988 they signed with Columbia records and released their debut album Dirty Rotten Stinking Filthy Rich at the beginning of 1989, the album charted at number 10 and produced four hit singles.

They released a live concert Live: Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich on vhs and laser disc in 1990 which was also certified platinum. The bands second release Cherry Pie was an even bigger hit. 1992 saw the release of their third album Dog Eat Dog, which sold considerably less than the first two records but was critically acclaimed as their best effort. The 1990's saw a change in the musical landscape with the grunge movement and personnel changes to the band. Lane left the band temporarily to start a solo career and Columbia dropped the band. Lane returned to the band in 1993 and they performed a short US tour but in 1994 Allen and sweet both left the band, former Kingdom Come members Rick Steier (guitar) and James Kottak (drums) were their replacements and the band released Ultraphobic in 1995. This album again was critically received but sales were much less than their previous success and the album showed the grunge influence as the band tried to embrace it.

Kottak left the band in 1996 and was replaced by Bobby Borg. Their fifth album Belly to Belly was released in 1996, again embracing the grunge sound. This album (somewhat of a concept album) again failed to live up to earlier sales success. They released a live compilation in 1997 titled warrant Live 86-97. Drummer Borg left in 1997 and was briefly replaced by touring drummer Vickie Foxx as the band was featured on the Rock Never Stops tour in 1998. In 1999 they released Latest and Greatest a greatest hits package that featured new re- recorded versions of classics and three new songs.

In the years following 2000 the band began to undergo even more lineup changes, they released a covers album entitled Under the Influence in 2001. They again were included in the Rock Never Stops tour in 2003, and Jani Lane would leave the band in 2004. Jaime St. James (Black N Blue) would be the first replacement vocalist and would appear on the Born Again album in 2006. The original lineup reformed briefly in 2008 for the bands 20th anniversary but a booked tour with Cinderella was cancelled after Cinderella singer Tom Keifer suffered a vocal chord hemorrhage. They did play several shows that were booked outside of the Cinderella tour dates, but following that Lane left the band again in September of 2008 and the band hired Robert Mason (Lynch Mob) as his permanent replacement.

The band released Rockaholic in 2011, their first release with Mason on vocals. Jani Lane died from acute alcohol poisoning August 11, 2011. The most recent release by the band is Louder, Harder, Faster which was released earlier this year.

The current lineup has been stable since 2004, the only exception being Mason replacing Lane in 2008.

Current Lineup:
Erik Turner: guitars, vocals (1984-present) minus a few short absences in 97-98 and 2003.
Jerry Dixon: bass (1984-present)
Steven Sweet: drums (1986-94, 2004-present)
Joey Allen: guitars, vocals (1987-94, 2004-present)
Robert Mason: vocals (2008-present)

I'll start with some favorites from each of the first few records, most of which, were the hits. This band was very good and Jani was always one of my favorites from the genre.

32 Pennies:
Down Boys: video
Sometimes She Cries:
DFSRR (title track)
Heaven: Video

Cherry Pie: video (cmon everybody loves that video  8) )
Uncle Tom's Cabin:
I Saw Red:

Machine Gun:
The Hole In My Wall:
The Bitter Pill:
All My Bridges Are Burning:

From Ultraphobic, little change in the sound, pretty good though.
Family Picnic:
Ride #2:

The last original material album with Jani... Belly to Belly
In The End (There's Nothing):
Letter To A Friend:
Indian Giver:

From the covers album, Under the Influence. here are a few cool covers I liked.
Hollywood (down on your luck) Thin Lizzy:
Hair of the Dog (Nazareth cover)

From Born Again with Jaime St. James vocals.
Devil's Juice:
Dirty Jack:

Robert Mason vocal debut album...Rockaholic.
What Love Can Do:
The Last Straw:

From the latest release Louder, Harder, Faster
Louder, Harder, Faster:
Music Man:
I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink (Merle Haggard cover)

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Re: Warrant
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Good band, always liked these guys especially with Lane. The new album sounds pretty good.

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Re: Warrant
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Nice version of "Heaven" by Jani's daughter Madison.
Not Bad  8)

And nice to see lots of mostly positive blabbermouth comments there about Jani Lane. He was a great singer/front man.