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The Human Instinct
« on: September 23, 2017, 01:29:18 AM »
This was a New Zealand band formed in 1966 that underwent several lineup changes. They are best known for their first three harder edged psychedelic rock albums
Burning Up Years (1969)
Personnel: Maurice Greer (vocals, drums), Billy TK (Te Kahika) guitar, Peter Barton (bass), Larry Waide (bass)

Stoned Guitar (1970)
Personnel: Maurice Greer (vocals, drums), Billy TK (guitar), Larry Waide (bass).

Pins in It (1971)
Personnel: Maurice Greer (vocals), Billy TK (guitar), Neil Edwards (bass), Dick Hopp (flute on two songs), and Robert Hooper Smith (organ on two songs).

Following the Pins In It album Billy TK left the band, and that was the end of the bands hard rock era. Greer continued on with different lineups releasing two more albums Snatmin Cuthin? (1972) and The Hustler (1974) in a more country rock vein. The album Peg Leg was released in 2001 that consists of session recordings from 1975. The band underwent numerous lineup changes before disbanding in 1982. Greer reformed the band for a series of performances in 2002 which featured Billy TK back on guitar.

Greer assembled lineups of The Human Instinct for shows in 2007 and 2009. In 2010 they released a new album Midnight Sun which features a guest appearance by Billy TK.

Billy TK has continued to perform, upon leaving Human Instinct he formed a band called Billy TK's Powerhouse in 1972 which performed until disbanding in 1977 and had several different lineups. The bands only releases were of previous unreleased material culled from previous sessions which was entitled Move On Up (containing all cover versions) released in 2009 and a live concert recorded in 1975 received a limited vinyl release in 1990 entitled Live Beyond The Material Sky. He continues to perform currently.

Pretty cool rocking stuff from their first three albums, which is what I will focus on, and some of Billy TK's later work.

Great guitar player, check him out.

Black Sally (1970) :
Nile Song (1971)
Stoned Guitar (1970)
Midnight Sun:
Jugg A Jug (1970)
Rainbow World: 1971
Railway and Gun:
Maiden Voyage:
Play My Guitar:

Freebird (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) this isn't a bad cover version here. It's worth a listen. This was on the bands album Peg Leg from the 1975 sessions, I don't know who's playing the guitars here but it isn't Billy TK.

Here is the full Stoned Guitar album from 1970

Burning Up The Years (full album) 1969

Billy TK's Powerhouse
Beyond The Material Sky: 1975
Secret of Life: 1975

A few Billy TK odds and ends.
Career overview video:
Little Wing (Hendrix cover) live 2012-
Still Got The Blues (Gary Moore cover) live 2012:
All Along The Watchtower cover live- not the best singer but the guitar playing is good
Southern Man (Neil Young cover - 1972 session)



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