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I was just goofing around looking for more obscure rockers to post in the Heavy Metal Pioneers thread and came across these guys, pretty good band. They are all over the place musically from harder rock and psychedelic prog style of King Crimson to a more southern rock feel.

Epitaph: Is a German band formed in Dortmund in 1969. Consisting of singer/guitarist Cliff Jackson, drummer James McGillivray and Bernd Kolbe. after performing several opening slots in support of Black Sabbath, Yes, Argent and Rory Gallagher they were signed to Polydor and added second guitarist Klaus Walz. They released their self titled debut album in 1971. Their second album Stop, Look and Listen was released in 1972, after which McGillivray left and was replaced by Achim Wielert. Their third album Outside the Law was released in 1974 and is considered to be their best.

With different lineups through the years they went on to record Return To Reality (1979), See You In Alaska (1980), Live (1981), Danger Man (1982), Remember The Daze (2007), Dancing With Ghosts (2009) and Fire From The Soul (2016). Near as I can tell they are still together unsure of who is in the band.

Here is some of the better stuff I found.

Changing World (1971):
Hopelessly (1971):
Early Morning (1972)
Woman (1977 live):
Stop, Look and listen (1972):
Return To Reality (1979)
Visions (1971):
Dancing With Ghosts (2009):
Strangers (1979):

Tequila Fritz: Live 1981
Kamikaze Live 81:
Ride The Storm Live 2010:
Remember The Daze live 2012:

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