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QUEENSRYCHE: / Re: Geoff Tate Interviews
« on: June 15, 2018, 03:44:38 PM »
HAHAHA!! Let's get that ol' rumour mill churnin!!

Haha, that's fantastic. She's just taking those drums to town, but still being nice and loose. Looks like she's having lots of fun too.

« on: June 15, 2018, 10:00:05 AM »
Oh for sure. What Queensryche needed Blackbird for was clearly not what he perceived them to need him for.

So let’s unpack this. Blackbird started the BDR somewhere around 2004, right as the “Tateryche” era was taking off. So at that time, Blackbird likely thought the Queensryche fans needed a voice that wasn’t being silenced by the Tates. During the ten years when Blackbird was banging the drum for a change in the band, I’m sure the rest of the guys in the band certainly appreciated his tireless efforts. Sure he might’ve been anti-Tate, but he was still pro-Queensryche.

We’ve talked a bit about this in this forum, the fact that Blackbird was a raging Queensryche fanboy during those years (despite all the criticisms he may have had), and Blackbird was like an unpaid street team marketing guy. He was the kind of fan who would happily plaster 100 gig posters around his town for free, just so he could say he did his part and hopefully be rewarded in kind by the band with a free triryche pin.

And the band’s thinking was probably “if this nutjob of a fan wants to take it upon himself to be the expert of all things Queensryche and talk about the band all the time – especially during a time when no one is talking about us – then he’s welcome to it.”

Granted, when the legal issues started with band, you could argue that what QR needed was to win the popular opinion amongst fans, and Blackbird certainly made that his mission within the BDR. I’ve said this before, but it’s as if Blackbird said to the band “I know you guys can’t say anything particularly negative about Tate in the press, but I have the platform of the BDR which will allow me to fucking ruin him. At the same time, I’ll prop you guys up. So you keep quiet, I’ll happily do all the work.”

Now did the band specifically need Blackbird? No, they just needed fans like him who would HEY HEY LISTEN TO ME about how bad Tate was and how good the rest of the band was. Not to mention gushing over how good La Torre was. And Blackbird was more than happy to do it, because of his axe to grind with Tate.

I still think my previous description of Blackbird as a disgruntled employee is pretty spot-on. As insane as it sounds, Blackbird probably even considered himself to be an unofficial member of their team, but doing it on the fringe within BDR, promoting the band, promoting Todd and disparaging Tate. And the QR guys were fine with it, because why wouldn’t they be? Some crazy fan willing to put in all that work for FREE? Fuck yes, that was fine with them.

Once the legal dispute was winding down, Blackbird probably came knocking on their door, expecting a handout, maybe even a job as a promoter, who knows. And they told him to go fly a kite. And that’s when all of Blackbird’s anti-QR, anti-Todd behaviour started happening (selling his Rising West stuff, deleting posts, leaving RTM, blowing up the Batcave BDR). So I can totally appreciate where Blackbird would think he was "needed" during that time and how he should’ve got something to show for it.

But he was wrong. ;D

« on: June 14, 2018, 12:16:56 PM »
What EXACTLY did the members of Queensryche ever "need" from End Of Line, formerly known as Rustvold ? 

The band "needed" Blackbird the same way they needed all their fans: To support and promote the band and to support and promote the brand. Especially during the "Tateryche" era when people gave less than two shits about the band. As critical as Blackbird was of some of their choices, he was still more or less supporting and promoting them all the way.

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: Twisted Sister
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:25:53 PM »
Dee Snider makes a really cool appearance in Monster Truck's new tune "True Rocker."

Progressive Rock / Re: STYX
« on: June 04, 2018, 02:06:58 PM »
Man, you'd think after that many years, this would all be water under the bridge with Dennis DeYoung. Apparently not. Personally, I've never liked Mr. Roboto, unless my friends and I are making fun of it.

Larry Gowan's awesome though, and has always seemed to be a really gracious guy. I always thought it was cool that he was allowed to play A Criminal Mind.

And this version fucking rocks:

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: Fates Warning
« on: May 29, 2018, 09:42:04 AM »
Right now my fave part is after the solo in The Light And Shade of Things (holy shit, THIS SONG) around the 9-minute mark, Ray Alder sings "It's hard to find your heart now" and the fucking GRIT he puts on the word "hard" is enough to make me stand up and cheer.

Here's a new live performance for The Light and Shade of Things, where Ray Alder basically is all about the grit, so much so that I was worried his voice was going to give out. I've heard some abysmal live recordings where Ray sounds like utter garbage, so I didn't have high expectations here, but this one is really well done. He understandably has to change up his vocal delivery from the studio recording in order to accommodate his "road voice" and the difficulty in performing the song live, but it's still pretty great.

« on: May 29, 2018, 09:19:40 AM »
This was a post by Blackbird in September of 2016 on the BDR after Todd posted some anti-police stuff on his Facebook page. I think this was touched on at some point here, but I might as well put up Blackbird’s entire post, because it’s hilarious reading how Blackbird had issue with how Todd ran his FB page, when Blackbird himself did a lot of the same things on the BDR that he’s criticizing Todd for here. 

“Even though I disagree with Todd on the point, it’s not the issue itself I am focused on, personally. Using the band page, to make very aggressive statements against a group that his employer has made a career of supporting is not a wise move. At all.

“If Todd uses his personal profile to rant about it, well, that’s one thing. But this isn’t that. I understand your point about having the discussion being important, Tacomaryche, but Todd’s not looking to discuss. He’s looking to spout off, and then disagree with anyone who counters him.

“He absolutely hates people coming back at him. And on his band page, representing himself as the lead singer of Queensryche, it doesn’t invite discussion. It becomes Todd saying what he wants, fans fawning over him and backing him up, and those that disagree being attacked not by “Todd,” but rather the lead singer of Queensryche.

“It does not help the band’s image at all. And I wonder, if asked, what Michael, Scott and Eddie would have to say about Todd spouting off against cops on a platform where Todd speaks as the singer of QR, and interacts with fans, as opposed to his personal, friends and family profile.”

Someone Else? / Top Releases of 2018
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:19:05 PM »
Since we're halfway through the year, what are some of your favourite releases so far? I admit I haven't been listening to much new stuff, but here's the stuff that has caught my ear:

The Fugitives - The Promise of Strangers
Lowell - Lone Wolf
Bright Righteous - EP
Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow - Annihilation soundtrack

There's a few albums coming out later this year that hopefully will round out a nice Top 10. Anything of note you guys have been listening to lately?

Someone Else? / Re: Coming soon to a trailer park near you...
« on: May 17, 2018, 09:50:58 AM »
Gotta get me some of that cologne. "Let your reputation of smell good precede you!"

Here's part 2 of Focus on Metal's interview with Jason "Grain of Salt" Slater:

EDIT: The content is a little better in this interview than in the first, though it's still a pretty rough listen. He's not what certain people might call a "sound bite guy." ;D I will say I got a kick out of him implying that he intentionally misplaced KK's solo when Frequency Unknown was doing its remixes so it wouldn't show up on the new version.

Someone Else? / Re: Oldies But Goodies you may not have heard
« on: May 16, 2018, 03:38:23 PM »
Betty Hutton - Who Kicked the Light Plug (Out of the Socket)

I'm down with this. I liked the last song he did with them.

Someone Else? / Re: Upcoming Concerts & Reviews
« on: May 15, 2018, 09:38:55 AM »
I recently went to see this band called My Son the Hurricane, a "14 piece brasshop beast from Toronto/Niagara" and holy cow these guys rip ass. Their poster made me think they were a ska band, but it's basically hip hop (an emcee who raps) with a band and live horns. It's really fucking good. They played a triple-header last month and I went to two nights. And the third night when I was doing something else, I wish I were seeing them again. Great live show, especially if you're into dancing, and just a great energy all around. I haven't been this excited about a live band in a while.
Birthday Cake:
Ain't My Style (live):
Bottles Into Money (live):

And they're coming back in August for another triple-header. I'm getting tickets for all three shows this time.

The first one that comes to mind is Tesla. The first time I saw them was 10 or so years ago (could be more, I can't remember) and they were doing a rehash of their Five Man Acoustical Jam tour. It was a good show, but I was in the mood to hear them rock that night.

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