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Gary Moore 1987 Empty Rooms in Stockholm

UFO early with Schenker Doctor Doctor

Rammstein MSG 2010  Benzin

Rammstein 2016  Engel

Nightwish 2013  Ghost Love Score

Volbeat 2012 7 Shots (at Wacken with special guests)

Someone Else? / Re: 2018 New Releases
« on: May 18, 2018, 09:13:09 AM »
Corey Glover is one of my favorite vocalists and still has the chops. My second favorite Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar performers.  If this song is any indication, should be a great album.  Really hope this project does live dates.  Be wild to hear him do a Dokken tune.

Someone Else? / Bands of relatives
« on: May 17, 2018, 07:46:44 AM »
Sons Of Apollo gets one up'ed by Sons Of Cream (and a sort of related to Clapton nephew)

I guess it's better than a hologram....

Not sure how I feel about this.  Jason Bonham treks around with his Zeppelin experience, havent seen it yet but from most accounts it goes over well.  I just see it as getting like a Sci Fi convention, especially Star Trek.  You get someone who was a stand in for one of the main stars so they could set up the lighting and camera angles sitting at a table selling their autograph and folks eat it up.  Props on them for being able to monetize their brush with Hollywood but it's still odd.  As long as they can do the songs justice and put on a good show with the Storytellers angle, good on them for keeping the music alive.  Cream was lightning in a bottle.  The fact they put out more than one album was a miracle in its self.  That those three artists came together when they did and didn't kill each other (not for lack of trying) is amazing. 

Well he was half right...

Randy "I dry hump the keyboard I'm not playing while dressed as a leatherboy" Gane. He must have negatives on Tate.   Moyer is good, Mercado has good chops too. 

Someone Else? / Re: Upcoming Concerts & Reviews
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:43:59 AM »
Graham Bonnet Band/Guido Stoecker's Bodyguerra
Musiktheater REX
Bensheim, Germany  15 May 2018

My second time seeing the Graham Bonnet Band, third time to see Bonnet sing (saw him with MSG last fall) and first time to see him do a full headline set.  Last time I saw the band they were kicking off the first band first night of an outdoor festival last summer in the UK so weather and sound issues.  But indoors this time with their own setup.

Wasn't expecting an opening band but there they were lol.  Guido Stoecker's Bodyguerra.  Guido is the guitarist and very much a Blackmore fan.  Good set, they got about 40 minutes.  Think post Dio Rainbow faster songs.  Especially sounded like Stranger In Us All, Blackmore's last before he joined the lute and harpsichord time machine.  Englishman Ian Parry on vocals kinda sounded like Doogie White (vocalist on that last Rainbow platter) which added a bit more to the Rainbow influence.  Nice surprise, songs went over well and Guido was a good guitarist.  Rhythm section was tight, no major clams  >:D

Bands sharing backline and drum kit so changeover was fairly quick.

I was right up front for the show.  I was blown away at the sheer power of Bonnet's voice.  At a few points he was right infront of me, and having the PA speakers behind me, I heard his voice live and the power was incredible.  Taking into he is 70 years old and singing in original key for most songs, he puts many singers half his age to shame.  He moves around the stage, lots of fun on that stage, everyone smiling and having fun. 

Considering the guitarists he's played and recorded with (Blackmore, Schenker, Malmsteen, Vai, etc) he's tapped a guy named Kurt James to handle the guitar and handle it he does.  I was impressed with his comfort on stage, running around, hamming it up with the band and audience all set while nailing the solos.  He has the Malmsteen speed while still having feeling and soul in his playing. He emulated the original guitarists feel and tones. 

Joining Graham on keys was Jimmy Waldo, who he formed Alcatrazz with.  Sounded good from where I was, I wasnt getting most of the keys in the mix but the speakers were behind me for the most part.

Mark Benquechea on drums, the man can hit the skins.  Again handled the parts well.  Considering that he's covering some parts that Cozy Powell played originally he did very well.

On bass is Beth-Ami Heavenstone.  She's been the one stalwart in this iteration of the band since Graham put it together a few years ago.  Guess it helps when they are linked off the stage as well.  Having said that, she is a good bass player and backup singer.  And having to emulate Chris Glen and Roger Glover parts, she does well.

I like the fact that he only plays songs he sang on from Rainbow and MSG.  Annoys me to no end when, for example, Joe Lynn Turner plays Smoke On The Water.  Yeah you sang it when you were in Rainbow and Deep Purple, but you werent the one who recorded it, and you have enough Rainbow albums you sang on to pull songs from. 

The band played about a 100 minute set. Definitely worth seeing live if he's in your area, tickets wont break the bank and you'll get to hear one of rock's unique vocalists.

Someone Else? / Re: Upcoming Concerts & Reviews
« on: May 16, 2018, 08:00:32 AM »
Good find on My Son The Hurricane, have to keep an eye and ear out for them. 

Looking for your first time seeing them live.

Seether: granted the only song I knew was the duet the lead guy did with Amy Lee but was looking forward to their set at Rocklahoma 2011.  Underwhelmed but the kicker was duck knuckle would loop his guitar in feedback between every song.

HIM: lot of hype with Bam Margera being big into them.  Knew their cover of Dont Fear The Reaper and their album Dark Light.  Really dark stage and just droney sounding stuff. 

London:  LA club band from 70s 80s that most anyone that went on to hit in another band played in.  One of their singers from the late 80's owns the name and took the band out for a few shows, played small tent stage at Rocklahoma.  He's wearing a God awful wig.  One of the guitarists is having his rig meltdown.  To top it off wig boy is in his early 60's.  They hired/conned these two women in spandex pants and sport bras to dance along on stage.  Well he starts grinding up against her. I'm not a prude by any stretch but she definitely wasn't into it and the vibe he gave off just disgusted me to the point I left.  Heard later that they lost most of the hundred or so from the tent soon after that.

Poison:  first time seeing them was on their headline tour for Flesh and Blood.  I liked their albums.  Well the band was a mess.  Rikki Rocket couldn't keep time to save his life which threw off Bobby and CC.  Bret sounded ok but not great.  Don Dokken opened with his solo band which was Mikkey Dee on drums, who could be a reference for the atomic clock.  Peter Baltes on bass, John Norum on guitar.  Just tight as well and Don could still sing then.  Poison was a big letdown after that.

80's Classic Rock / Re: Great Songs From the 80's
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:26:13 PM »
Planet P Project/Tony Carey Why Me  Do You See What I See/Behind The Barrier I Won't Be Home Tonight  A Fine Fine Day

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: Twisted Sister
« on: May 14, 2018, 08:29:06 PM »
Flo and Eddie (The Turtles, Mothers Of Invention) had a show on NYC cable public access in early 80s.  Clip of Under The Blade. March of 82, prior to AJ Pero on drums and before recording Under The Blade album.

80's Classic Rock / Re: Great Songs From the 80's
« on: May 14, 2018, 08:16:09 PM »
Blotto I Wanna Be A Lifeguard  Metalhead w/Buck Dharma

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: Saxon
« on: May 14, 2018, 02:16:32 PM »
Saxon was on a UK show in with promoter Harvey Goldsmith as an act that agreed to have Harvey help them with career advice.  From 2007.   Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: Metal Church
« on: May 14, 2018, 10:48:09 AM »
Blessing In Disguise is one of my desert island albums.  Seeing them last year was awesome.  Mike Howe's vocals are great.  When I first read of him coming back into the fold o hadn't been that excited over a reunion in a long time.  And they backed it up.  One of the criminally underrated rock bands of all time.

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