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70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: Lizzy Borden
« on: Today at 01:36:33 PM »
Another new track from the upcoming album released. This one is a little more commercial sounding, so far these two are more tame and radio friendly songs. He definitely, listening to these two tracks and looking at the song titles is going more for the theatrical and visual presentation similar to Master of Disguise, which is ok with me cause I love that record but it took a little time to grow on me because it was much more mellower than his other stuff. I do hope there are some heavier songs on this one though. His voice is still great and sounds really good.

I don't have a problem with him wanting to be creative and try and do a visual and theatric presentation with this because he is going to supposedly play a good bit of this live. It really wouldn't matter whether he made a metal album or a more melodic one. The reality is he is only going to sell so many copies, and I'm sure he knows that, so he may as well do what he wants to do.

Long May They Haunt Us:

60's Rock Invasion / Re: Arthur Brown
« on: May 19, 2018, 02:21:09 AM »
Here is some footage of the 1993 Tour.

Live at The Marquee
When You Open The Door:
The King of England:
Time Captives/Spirit of Joy:

60's Rock Invasion / Re: Arthur Brown
« on: May 19, 2018, 02:03:53 AM »
You Don't Know:

Here is an interview Alice Cooper did with Arthur Brown on his Nights With Alice Cooper radio show, this is from 2017 following Arthur Browns US tour, which I wish I would have had the opportunity to see.

Here is a very in depth career spanning interview series Lain McNay of Cherry Red Records did with Arthur Brown from June of 2017. This covers just about everything you could ever want to know about this very unique performer.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Pretty fascinating dude

Full show 2017 Tour: Live at the Regent Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 2/15/17

90's to present Heavy Metal Bands / Re: Sons of Apollo
« on: May 19, 2018, 12:52:46 AM »
A few got uploaded with pretty good quality,

Opening song, God Of The Sun:
Divine Addiction:
Just Let Me Breathe (Dream Theatre cover):
Lost In Oblivion:
Opus Maximus:

These aren't from the Philly show. But they were a few of the highlight songs so I'll throw these up there.
And The Cradle Will Rock (2/15/18) Asbury Park NJ
Pink Panther Theme: (2/15/18) Asbury Park, NJ
Coming Home: (2/15/18) Asbury Park, NJ

That's a cool topic. I'll add Arthur Brown for starters, from the first Crazy World of Arthur Brown album featuring Vincent Crane and Carl Palmer.


Time/Confusion: if the beginning section of Time bores you skip to the 3:15 mark, Confusion is Classic.

Looks like Geoff is changing the line up for the next run of US dates

Geoff Tate - Vocals
John Moyer - Bass
Scott Mercado - Drums
Randy Gane - Keyboard
Scott Moughton - Guitar
Kieran Robertson - Guitar
Emily Tate - Sister Mary.

I like this lineup better than the one on the European run.

I guess that jackass Samsara's "reliable source" that told him Scott was going to play again with Geoff Tate meant Scott MERCADO, not ROCKENFIELD. LMFAO, that is fucking priceless. Open your ears jackass, wrong Scott  >:D C:-) ;D

HaHaHa  ;D :D Yeah I like that lineup better than the Europe tour lineup. I'll be seeing them next month hopefully as long as my schedule permits.

Someone Else? / Re: Bands of relatives
« on: May 17, 2018, 10:57:23 PM »
These guys have gotten rave reviews. I'll give some of their stuff a better listen. Kofi is pretty good, that much I do know. If that is as close to a Clapton offspring they could get, at least there is a relationship lol. Cream isn't available and the remaining surviving members obviously have no interest in doing anything, so why not? At least these guys have family ties to the originals, and the backing I'm sure of the surviving original members, in addition to quality footage archives etc. which is something that most tribute bands don't have. 

I gave it a full listen through. Most of your more than average Queensryche fans probably will, those that know this podcast even exists, that is. Most of the online Queensryche community I think has pretty much moved on from the online forum communities except for some diehards and those have been in the trenches for years.

My honest take on the whole thing, and I'm sure I'm not alone, is the simple fact of the matter is that this is all water under the bridge, it's shit that happened during the bands lowest peak of performance and popularity. Everybody knew that Tate was calling the shots, employing the family, ruining the band, was steering them in a bad direction. The only saving grace was that they still put on a decent live show. That is why as many fans that did even stuck around until the Brazil implosion and resulting finally firing of Tate.

So most people I feel, couldn't give a fuck or care to even revisit this period. This is evidenced by the lack of much discussion on it here or anywhere else on the net for that matter. The band is fixed now, live shows are stellar, two great (back to their roots) records have been made. The band is in a good place right now. Their next album even it were a covers album of fucking nursery rhymes will blow Mindcrime 2, Take Cover, American Soldier and Dedicated To Chaos off the fucking planet. So I think this mainly falls, unfortunately for Samsara, on deaf ears. It's irrelevant, uninteresting and pointless at this point.

And it's a good thing Slater is accustomed to being used and manipulated as he stated because Samsara is only playing him as well to get inside info and dirt that unfortunately for Samsara is worthless at this point. But he is a whore for any kind of inside info whether it is accurate or not that he can get his paws on and always has been.  C:-) 

This dude is definitely a tough listen, both episodes. The interviewer is mostly very clear and audible, Slater sounds like he's fucking gargling a mouthful of marbles. Jesus Christ.

Unlike Samsara, love the lead in introduction, where the guy who runs the podcast says he is a years long Queensryche fan and has followed the band for years and praises the current lineup's work and live shows and that they are doing these not to bash on the band but just because the opportunity presented itself and to fill in pieces of information. Very much UNLIKE, Samsara's agenda of such things.  >:D

Someone Else? / Re: Upcoming Concerts & Reviews
« on: May 17, 2018, 08:48:39 PM »
Sons of Apollo, Felix Martin and Sifting at the TLA in Philly Wed May 16, 2018.

Sons of Apollo had two opening acts both California bands, the first to play was a band called Sifting, I got there after they had completed their set, a few people I talked to said they were decent. The next band Felix Martin was all instrumental stuff and featured Felix playing a custom made double fret board 14 string guitar. Very heavy bass and guitar driven stuff with a solid drummer. The first few instrumentals were pretty cool kick ass jamming but it did get a little redundant.
Here is a look at them

Sons of Apollo then came on they played their entire debut album with two Dream Theatre covers (Just let Me Breathe and Lines in the Sand), along with cover songs by Queen (The Prophets Song & Save Me) and Van Halen (The Cradle Will Rock) mixed in. They also did a kick ass instrumental of The Pink Panther Theme led by Bumblefoot, and Sheehan and Sherinian had solo spots.

 Jeff Scott Soto was very impressive with his command and stage banter and vocals. Bumblefoot was insane and on his A game, I gained a ton of respect for him. Sheehan was excellent as was his bass solo. Sherinian's style didn't impress me all that much especially his solo, his playing just sounds too much like guitar noodling, and they already had plenty of that, so he kinda gets lost in the mix if you ask me. His playing was more noticeable and sounded better on the record than live. Portnoy was mostly low key but rock solid on drums all night.

The crowd was very into the band. Aside from the Queen and Van Halen cover songs and the few tunes I heard on you tube a couple times from the album I didn't know any of these songs but they kept everybody's attention pretty much from beginning to end. Excellent live band. I was surprised at the turnout, I actually thought when I purchased the tickets that these guys would sell out this venue. The venue was probably less than half capacity (which is 1,000). I'll venture a guess at maybe 450 to 500 people were there and that is being generous. UFO/Saxon and Michael Schenker Fest at this same venue was way more attended than this show. If you get the chance go see them, you won't be disappointed.   

90's to present Heavy Metal Bands / Re: Sons of Apollo
« on: May 17, 2018, 08:23:48 PM »
Yes great show, was not disappointed  8)

Set list last night at the TLA was as follows:
God of the Sun
Signs of the Times
Divine Addiction
Just Let Me Breathe (Dream Theatre cover)
Sheehan bass solo
Lost in Oblivion
The Prophets Song/Save Me (Queen cover, dedicated to Dio on the anniversary of his passing 8 years ago)
The Pink Panther Theme
Opus Maximus
Figaro's Whore
Sherinian keyboard solo
Lines in the sand (Dream Theatre cover)

Cradle Will Rock (Van Halen cover) Soto went through the crowd to the venue bar for a drink and back to the stage, was pretty cool)
Comin Home
Band introductions

Most notable were Divine Addiction, Alive, Pink Panther Theme, Opus Maximus, Figaro's Whore, The Cradle Will Rock and Coming Home. Those seven in particular were incredible.

I'll post some of the footage from that show up as and if it becomes available on you tube.

90's to present Heavy Metal Bands / Re: Sons of Apollo
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:06:28 PM »
Third song in at the TLA in Philly, Divine Addiction, these guys are fucking killing it  8)

Someone Else? / Re: Administrivia suggestion
« on: May 13, 2018, 04:58:54 PM »
Updated the sticky items, hows that? I shuffled it around a bit, it needed an updatd, agreed.  8)

« on: May 12, 2018, 09:21:56 PM »
I also have a sneaky suspicion this "Dark Chest of Wonders" poster that miraculously appeared and quickly jumped right on Setzer is the return of Lucretia, perhaps?

Hahaha, I wondered that too. Mostly because his interaction with her is the same as it was on previous message boards, which is quoting her entire post and then saying BINGO.

And even if she isn't Lucretia, SHE IS NOW.  ;D

Agreed 100% TRR and Rock! Too funny!  :D... ;D... >:D

Seeing as that person just happened to jump into that conversation (with an attitude no less) posting her only two posts of the year thus far and first since March of 2017. Not to mention her profile post count shows 150, however only about 37 come up ( i guess she deleted the rest) huh  ???
She's only posted 7 posts since 2013 ( not counting the ones that are missing from her post total). Hmmmm, rather suspicious i'd say.

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