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Someone Else? / Best (full length) debut albums?
« on: February 14, 2019, 02:00:49 PM »
So, I mentioned in the Queensryche Warning album thread that the Warning album was probably as good as any full length debut album from the 80's. I don't believe we've ever had a thread and discussed the best full length debut albums on here that I have seen. So lets take a look at some of the best debut albums.

This could be done by genre, decade, and all sorts of ways. So lets come up with some of the best (however you want to beak them down).

here is my list of some that immediately come to mind.

Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath
Bad Company- Bad Company
Boston- Boston
The Cars- The Cars
Van Halen- Van Halen
Ozzy Osbourne- Blizzard of Oz
Yngwie Malmsteen- Rising Force
Queensryche- The Warning
W.A.S.P.- W.A.S.P.

I'll jump the gun here, as I think this is pretty inevitable at this point. I titled it as such that NJF can just tweak the thread title and continue with it once it becomes a reality  8)

So "when" it becomes confirmed that Scott is no longer involved with the band and "assuming" Casey is named the permanent replacement.

What are your thoughts?
Is he the guy? should anyone else be considered or pursued for the position?
How much does it affect the band and your opinion of the band from a fan perspective that they are "very potentially" reduced to two founding original members?
Can the band thrive and continue with a lineup minus Scott?

Time will tell the story obviously, but there are those already complaining about the band being reduced to two original members. This has been discussed in other threads. So many bands are in this position these days and continue on to varied degrees of success and/or relevance. Can and will Queensryche be one that can flourish in such a capacity?     

QUEENSRYCHE: / Empire 30th Anniversary Box Set in the works for 2020
« on: November 28, 2018, 03:14:09 PM »
Haven't seen anything mentioned about this as of yet officially from Queensryche on their site or facebook page. Just this article mentioning that Tate is involved in this project and briefly mentioned it in an interview.

Someone Else? / 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees
« on: October 09, 2018, 06:20:02 PM »
I thought last year saw some deserving bands especially some of the older influential bands. This years field is mostly weak I think  :-\

LL Cool J?
Chaka Khan?
Janet Jackson?
Rage Against the Machine?


The Cure, Def Leppard and maybe Stevie Nicks I'm ok with, the rest nah.

There have been many documented all time performances and moments in rock and roll history that all music fans should see and appreciate. I'll throw some up periodically. Feel free to help me out with yours.

The Doors, A few of Jim Morrison's wildest memorable moments.

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Loudness
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:53:22 AM »
Lodness is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1981 by guitarist Akira Takasaki and drummer Munetaka Higuchi. They were the first Japanese metal band signed to a major label in the United States. They have released twenty six studio albums (5 in the US) and nine live releases by 2014. They have undergone numerous lineup changes with Takasaki being the only constant member. The band continued activity through the nineties, the finally reuniting the original lineup in 2001, that reunited lineup released seven more albums until 2008 when drummer Munetaka Higuchi died from liver cancer at age 49 and was replaced by Masayuki Suzuki.

Original lineup;
Akira Takasaki; guitars
Minuru Niihara; vocals   
Masayoshi Yomashita; bass
Munetaka Higuchi; drums

 The Birthday Eve (1981)
Devil Soldier (1982)
The Law of Devil's Land (1983)
Disillusion (1984)
Disillusion (1984) - English version
Thunder in the East (1985) No. 74 (US)
Shadows of War (1986)
Lightning Strikes (1986) - U.S. Remix of Shadows of War No. 64 (US)
Hurricane Eyes (1987) No. 190 (US)
Hurricane Eyes (1987) - Japanese Version
Soldier of Fortune (1989) No. 18 (JPN)
On the Prowl (1991) No. 7 (JPN)
Loudness (1992) No. 2 (JPN)
Heavy Metal Hippies (1994) No. 29 (JPN)
Ghetto Machine (1997) No. 65 (JPN)
Dragon (1998) No. 49 (JPN)
Engine (1999) No. 48 (JPN)
Spiritual Canoe (2001) No. 20 (JPN)
Pandemonium (2001) No. 27 (JPN)
Biosphere (2002) No. 45 (JPN)
Terror (2004) No. 88 (JPN)
Racing (2004) No. 60 (JPN)
Breaking the Taboo (2006) No. 129 (JPN)
Metal Mad (2008) No. 51 (JPN)
The Everlasting (2009) No. 42 (JPN)
King of Pain (2010) No. 21 (JPN)
Eve to Dawn (2011) No. 36 (JPN)
2012 (2012) No. 33 (JPN)
The Sun Will Rise Again (2014) No. 29 (JPN)
Samsara Flight (2016)
Rise to Glory (2018)

Crazy Nights;

Soul on Fire from the new release Rise To Glory 2018

Thunder in the East live 1985 full show

Live 1983 Tokyo full show

Thunder In The East (full album)

Let it go;
Heavy Chains;


70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Laaz Rockit
« on: May 14, 2018, 09:34:56 AM »
Laaz Rockit is a thrash metal band formed in 1982 in San Francisco, CA. Although they were one of the lesser known groups of the bay area thrash scene, each album in their career has earned high critical marks. During their initial run from 1982 until their breakup in the early nineties the band released five studio albums and one live album beginning with the 1984 debut City's Gonna Burn. A reunited Laaz Rockit made some concert appearances in 2005 and a live dvd titled Live Untold was released in 2006. In 2008 the band released a new studio album Left for Dead on German label Massacre Records. In 2011 the band opened for Metallica on the third concert of their 30th anniversary party at the Fillmore. Original drummer Victor Agnello died in 2014 after a battle with Leukemia.

  As of the present, the bands status is unknown. Though a hiatus or breakup has never been announced, they have been inactive since opening for Metallica in 2011. Their website has ceased to exist since March 2017. Despite this t
here have been reports that band may be working on a follow up to Left for Dead.   

The original lineup remained consistent on their first four albums and was;
Michael Coons- vocals
Aaron Jellum- guitars
Phil Kettner- guitars
Willie Lange- bass
Victor Agnello- drums

The lineup for  1991's Nothings Sacred was;
Michael Coons- vocals
Aaron Jellum- guitars
Scott Sargeant- guitars
Jon Torres- bass
Dave Chavarri- drums

their last album Left for Dead saw the original lineup reunited minus Victor Agnello, with Sky Harris on drums.

Fire In The Hole;
The Omen;
Last Breath;
Forced to Fight;
Mob Justice;
Silent Scream;
Last Breath;
Ghost in the Mirror;

Know Your Enemy (full album)
Annihilation Principal (full album)

Taste of Rebellion Live full show 1992

Spared from the Fire Live 1988

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Vicious Rumors
« on: May 04, 2018, 07:13:47 PM »
This power metal band formed in 1985 and was part of the foundation of the San Francisco Bay area thrash scene coming up in the same time that Exodus, Anvil Chorus, Death Angel and Metallica were playing on the club scene. The band was formed by guitarist/vocalist Geoff Thorpe who is the main stay member. This band has undergone so many lineup changes over the years (too many to list). Some notable members have been Vinnie Moore who played on the bands debut Shrapnel Records release Soldiers of the Night, Brad Gillis (Ozzy, Night Ranger) briefly was a member, Ira Black (Lizzy Borden was in the band (2000-2005), drummer Larry Howe is the second longest standing member (1985-2000, 2005-present). The band is still kicking with a present lineup of Thorpe and Howe joined by vocalist  Brian Allen (2009-12, 2017-present), bassist Tilen Hudrap (2013-present) and guitarist Gunnar DuGrey (2017-present). The band has released twelve full length albums, four live albums and an ep.

Studio albums
1985 - Soldiers of the Night
1988 - Digital Dictator
1990 - Vicious Rumors
1991 - Welcome to the Ball
1994 - Word of Mouth
1996 - Something Burning
1998 - Cyberchrist
2001 - Sadistic Symphony
2006 - Warball
2011 - Razorback Killers
2013 - Electric Punishment
2016 - Concussion Protocol

Live albums
1992 - Plug In and Hang On
1995 - A Tribute to Carl Albert
2012 - Live You to Death
2014 - Live You To Death 2: American Punishment

1994 - The Voice

90's to Present Classic Rock / Pinnacle Point
« on: May 04, 2018, 06:52:05 PM »
Pinnacle Point features vocalist Jerome Mazza, who guested on Steve Walsh's (Kansas) most recent solo album Black Butterfly released last year, along with Torben Enevoldsen (guitar, bass, keyboards), and Dennis Hansen (drums). They released their debut album last year entitled Winds of Change. Great melodic classic rock/progressive tunes. These guys have some definite potential. Their debut was probably one of the best albums of 2017.

Damage is Done;
Sail Away;
What will it take;
Never let Go;

Jerome Mazza; The Wall (Kansas cover)

Jerome Mazza with Steve Walsh (Kansas) Born in Fire

Jerome Mazza; Someone like You

The Guitar Gods / Michael Angelo Batio
« on: May 04, 2018, 06:24:37 PM »
Michael Angelo Batio, also known as just Michael Batio or MAB is a Chicago born guitarist. His first band was Holland, a project that featured former Steppenwolf singer Tommy Holland, that band released an album in 1985 titled Little Monsters. In 1987 he joined Jim Gillette on his solo album Proud to be Loud. He and Gillette then formed Nitro with Bobby Rock (drums) and T.J. Racer (bass), they recorded two albums OFR in 1989, and Nitro II H.W.D.W.S in 1993, the later featuring Johnny Thunder and Ralph Carter replacing Racer and Rock. The band disbanded shortly after the release of their sophomore effort. He also released Masters Series guitar instructional videos.

In 1993 Batio founded his own record label M.A.C.E. Music, which became one of the first labels online in 1996. He has released thirteen solo albums and has been involved with the reunited Nitro along with Jim Gillette, Chris Adler (Lamb of God, Megadeth) with Victor wooten handling session bass and  Matt DeVries handling touring bass duty.

Batio is featured on the limited edition Rat Pack Records cd Deep Cuts and Rarities being released May 18,2018 performing a cover of Rush's What You're Doing with Todd LaTorre of Queensryche on vocals.

Nitro; Freight Train
Nitro; Long Way from Home
Nitro; Cat Scratch Fever (Nugent cover)

Michael Batio
Speed Kills video;
Tribute to Randy Rhoads;
No Boundaries;

1984 guitar solo with the band Holland;

Hands without Shadows (Live);
Full Force;
Dream On (Aerosmith instrumental cover);

Live at The Whiskey 2013 double neck insanity
Time Traveler;

Burn (Deep Purple cover) featuring Todd La Torre (Queensryche) vocals and Mark Tremonti (Alter Bridge) on second lead guitar.

Dime bag Darrell tribute 2013;

Progressive Rock / Don Airey
« on: April 11, 2018, 02:38:13 PM »
Don Airey has had quite an extensive career and has played with so many different bands over the years, in addition to a solo career. Figured he warrants his own thread. The English keyboardist has been Jon Lord's replacement in Deep Purple since Lords 2002 retirement.

First active in the 1970's with Cozy Powell's band and Colosseum II playing on three albums with each of those bands and doing session work including on Black Sabbath's Never Say Die album before moving on to Rainbow and playing on the Down to Earth and Difficult to Cure albums. He played on Blizzard of Oz and Bark at the Moon from Ozzy Osbourne. He has played with the Michael Schenker Group on three albums, six studio albums with Gary Moore in addition to the live album Rockin Every Night. He has also played with Living Loud and released four solo albums.

Other notable guest appearances and sessions have included;
Andrew Lloyd Webber- Variations  (1977)
Phenomena- Phenomena (1985)
Whitesnake- Whitesnake (1987)
Helix- Wild in the Street (1987)
Fastway- Bad Bad Girls (1988)
Whitesnake- Slip of the Tongue (1989)
Judas Priest- Painkiller (1990)
Bruce Dickenson- Tattooed Millionaire (1990)
UFO- High Stakes and Dangerous Men (1992)
Judas Priest- Demolition (2001)
Judas Priest- Nostradamus (2008)
Saxon- Call to Arms (2011)
In addition to albums by Brian May, Graham Bonnet, Glenn Tipton, Micky Moody, Uli Jon Roth, Bernie Marsden, and Wishbone Ash among others.

Deep Purple-
 Perfect Strangers and keyboard solo Sydney 2013
Gear rig video-
To the Rising Sun: keyboard solo 2015

Don Airey-
People in your Head-
Mini Suite (featuring Gary Moore)
Frankfurt 2017- Difficult to Cure
Right Arm Overture-
Difficult to Cure- Don Airey and friends 2015 Netherlands
Mr. Crowley- Don Airey and friends 2015

Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Rick Wakeman performing Deep Purple Burn

Pink Pop 1983 with Gary Moore and Ian Paice
Cold Hearted

Jon Lord and Don Airey 1991

Don talking Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley and Ozzy

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Kingdom Come
« on: March 07, 2018, 11:36:16 AM »
Saw this article on Blabbermouth that James Kottak fresh off his being let go by the Scorpions after several years is trying to reform Kingdom Come with Lenny Wolf and it reminded me of these guys.

Kingdom Come was a German hard rock/metal band from Hamburg, Germany. They released their debut self titled album in 1988 with an initial lineup of
Lenny Wolf (lead vocals)
Danny Stag (lead guitar)
Rick Steier (rhythm guitar)
Johnny B. Frank (bass)
James Kottak (drums)
The album shot to #12 on the US Billboard chart and achieved Platinum sales status in the US, Germany and Canada among other markets. The band opened for the Scorpions on their Savage Amusement tour and achieved much MTV exposure. Unfairly criticized as a Zeppelin clone, they were hardly the only band to draw heavy influence from Zeppelin. The band released a sophomore album In Your Face in 1989, which sold considerably less than the debut but still approached gold status when the band broke up due to personal reasons.

This was a band that always thought had a lot more to offer, but with grunge right around the corner it probably wouldn't have lasted too much longer anyway in hindsight.

Kottak and Steier formed a band called Wild Horses that released one album in 1991 entitled Bareback, before both joined the band Warrant. Kottak was with Warrant from 94-96, while Steier was with the band from 1994-2000 later after they had both left Warrant they regrouped a Wild Horses lineup and released the album Dead Ahead in 2003.   

In 1991 Kingdom Come released the album Hands of Time with a new lineup that featured only Lenny Wolf backed with session musicians. Lenny Wolf returned to Germany and continued on with the band name rights recruiting new mostly German musicians and touring there and through Europe, all while releasing ten more albums under the name Kingdom Come. In 2014 Wolf reunited and toured the band with Danny Stag and Johnny B. Frank back in the fold. So maybe Kottak will succeed in getting the original lineup back for one more go round.

1988 - Kingdom Come
1989 - In Your Face

With new lineups featuring only Lenny Wolf.
1991 - Hands of Time
1993 - Bad Image
1995 - Twilight Cruiser
1997 - Master Seven
2000 - Too
2002 - Independent
2004 - Perpetual
2006 - Ain't Crying for the Moon
2009 - Magnified
2011 - Rendered Waters
2013 - Outlier

Come Get It On;
What Love Can Be;
Pushin Hard;
Living Out of Touch;
Should I;
Highway 6;
Loving You;

God does not Sing Our Song: from the 2013 album Outlier

2011 Live St. Petersburg
1988 Get it On live;
1993 Live in Basel, Switzerland;
2011 What Love Can Be- Moscow

Radardude, Have you managed to catch these guys over there?

Progressive Rock / Tribal Tech
« on: March 07, 2018, 10:31:45 AM »
Here is some really good progressive fusion. This band was formed in 1984 by guitarist Scott Henderson and bassist Gary Willis. From 1993 through their initial end in 2000, the band featured Scott Kinsey (keyboards) and Kirk Covington (drums) they have released ten albums, including their latest release X in 2012 which featured these four band members reunited.

Spears (1985)
Dr. Hee (1987)
Nomad (1990)
Tribal Tech (1991)
Illicit (1992)
Face First (1993)
Primal Tracks (compilation) (1994)
Reality Check (1995)
Thick (1999)
Rocket Science (2000)
X (2012)
Saturn 5;
Live in Israel 1995;
Live 1996;
Live at Band on the wall 2013;
Live at Pescara;
Dr. Hee live 1990;
Face First live;
Live with Virgil Donati on drums;

90's to present Heavy Metal Bands / Icefish/Virgil Donati
« on: March 07, 2018, 10:09:14 AM »
Icefish is a newly formed progressive metal band formed by Australian drummer Virgil Donati, who played on Derek Sherinian's solo album Planet X, which evolved into the band of the same name which released three additional albums and a live release. He is a highly regarded drummer and has also released six solo albums, played on Steve Walsh (Kansas) 2000 album Glossolalia, and four albums with Ring of Fire among many other projects and guest appearances.

For Icefish, Donati is joined by three Italian musicians Marco Sfogli on guitar, Alex Argento on keyboards and Andrea Casali on bass and vocals. The band did a Pledge Music campaign for their debut release Human Hardware which is out now.

It Begins;
Human Hardware live Milan, Italy 2-13-18
Donati drum solo Milan 2-13-18


90's to present Heavy Metal Bands / Kamelot
« on: March 07, 2018, 09:38:29 AM »
So here is a look at Casey Grillo's (pre Queensryche fill in) band which he has recently left after being with them since 1997 (to permanently join Queensryche ???).

This band is a power metal band formed in Tampa, Florida in 1991 by guitarist Thomas Youngblood and drummer Richard Warner. The remainder of the lineup was original vocalist Mark Vanderbilt and bassist Sean Tibbetts (Tibbetts left the band in 1992 but returned in 2009 and is still with the band) Tibbetts replaced his long standing replacement Glenn Barry who was with the band from 1992 through 2009. David Pavlicko was added as keyboardist in 1993. Vanderbilt was the vocalist on the bands first two albums.

In 1997 Norwegian singer Roy Khan and drummer Casey Grillo joined the band, replacing Vanderbilt and warner respectively. The band released seven albums with Khan, who left the band in 2011 and was replaced by vocalist Tommy Karevik. The band has went on to release three albums with Karevik, including the latest offering The Shadow theory, which will be released next month.

Currently the lineup consists of Youngblood and Tibbetts, along with Oliver Palotai on keyboards since 2005, Karevik on lead vocals and new addition drummer Johan Nunez replacing Grillo.

Eternity (1995)
Dominion (1997)
Siége Perilous (1998)
The Fourth Legacy (1999)
Karma (2001)
Epica (2003)
The Black Halo (2005)
Ghost Opera (2007)
Poetry for the Poisoned (2010)
Silverthorn (2012)
Haven (2015)
The Shadow Theory (2018)
Ghost Opera;
Love You to Death;
The Human Stain;
The Haunting live (with Simone Simmons);
Forever-  One Cold winters Night live;

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