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Someone Else? / Re: 2018 Farewell Tours
« on: September 20, 2018, 07:56:01 AM »
And now KISS. A few years late, in my opinion. Paul Stanley’s voice hasn’t been great from some of the recent recordings I’ve heard.

« on: September 17, 2018, 01:04:27 PM »

It’s funny. As much as I disagree with Blackbird, I always thought that if I were to ever run into him somewhere in real life, I bet him and I would get along famously. We both like a lot of the same music, a lot of the same movies, basically a decent base anyone would need to carry you through a couple beers at a local watering hole.

But I’ve made it a point to never talk about Blackbird by his real name. Some might think there’s no real distinction there, but I like to think that there is. I’m not interested in Blackbird as a day-to-day working joe or his personal life. You’ll never find me trying to track down where he works or his home telephone number (OH WAIT BUT HE TRACKED DOWN NJF’S PHONE NUMBER DIDN’T HE). I’m interested in the online persona he’s created for himself, the 156, Simply-Put, CDG-Loving, Original-Warning-Tracklisting, Journalistic-Integrity, Personalities-Involved, Bingo, Period persona that is Blackbird/Samsara/ If he can still be intrigued by what Queensryche does, then why can’t other people on a message forum in the ass end of cyberspace still be intrigued by what Blackbird says? Is it because Queensryche is a band and Blackbird is just a guy? It’s the same morbid curiosity he’s talked about having for Queensryche. Maybe this is just me justifying my behaviour in my own mind, like Bosk says. If so, how does Blackbird justify his actions towards Queensryche over the last 10 years?

It’s easy to pick on Blackbird because he just makes it so damn easy. He spouts off the same stuff he’s been saying FOR YEARS, so much so that he’s turned into a cliché-ridden parody of himself. And he does it in such a patronizing, condescending, holier-than-thou, absolute way, that he just welcomes the criticism. Someone like Grappler is far more even-keeled in how he writes that most of the time I agree with what he says partly because of how he says it. Blackbird, for all intents and purposes, is low-hanging fruit. And I’m a lazy guy looking for quick, easy entertainment and, unfortunately for Blackbird, he delivers that in spades.

« on: September 10, 2018, 03:57:33 PM »
So hold on a second. This is from one of Blackbird's recent posts:

Re: American Soldier -- that was Scott, completely. No midi or fill-in drummers. I've asked both Jason and Scott, multiple times myself. That's all Scott.

He asked them both multiple times? So...

Blackbird: So Jason, what I really wanna know is...did Scott really drum on American Soldier?
Jason: Yep, he totally did, man.
B: Tate didn’t get someone else to drum?
J: Nope, it was all Scott.
B: So no...electronic drums were used? (Sorry, I’m a singer, not a musician)
J: If by “electronic” drums, you mean MIDI, then no, there were no “electronic” drums.
B: Interesting.
J: Yeah.
B: Well let me ask you again, even though I’m very familiar with Rockenfield’s style, and am a hardcore, I can tell if he’s not drumming. So did he drum on American Soldier?
J: What? Yes he fucking did. I just fucking told you. And didn’t you JUST say you could tell when he’s not drumming?
B: Ok, ok. I just need to maintain my journalistic integrity.
J: Whatever, man. It’s fine.
B: So what you’re saying is Scott really DID drum on American Soldier.
J: Ugh. Yes, Scott really did drum on American Soldier.
B: Scott Rockenfield.
J: Yes.
B: It wasn’t someone else.
J: No.
B: It wasn’t any [checks notes] “mee-dee”?
J: No, it wasn’t any fucking “mee-dee.”
B: Great, thank you.


Blackbird: Hey Scott, great show out there. You were awesome.
Scott: Thanks, man. You want me to sign your Warning album?
B: Sure thanks. I mean, it’s too bad it’s not in the original track listing as you guys intended, hey?
S: What? Oh. Uh, yeah I guess so.
B: I mean it would’ve made the album SO much better.
S: Whatever, that was like...30 years ago?
B: Like SO much better. I have the original track listing set up in my car if you wanna come out after the signing and we can listen to it. You know, have a few laughs...
S: Uh, naw I’m good thanks. Who do you want me to make this out to?
B: Oh! Uhm...Scott, it’s me. Blackbird.
S: Oh, sure sure. Sorry, I uh...didn’t recognize you?
B: I’m usually wearing the cowl.
S: That must be it. [rolls eyes] So, uh...Blackbird, was it?
B: That’s right, Blackbird – “Number One Fan.”
S: [writing] “To Blackbirrrrrd. Nummmber...”
B: OH SHIT WAIT. Can you put “Number One Five Six Fan” instead? Oh man, that’d be classic. Because it’s like your song, NM156. Get it?
S: Yeah, yeah I get it, pal. “One-Five-Six Fan.” There ya go.
B: Thanks. Can I ask you a quick question?
S: Sure, as long as it’s quick.
B: Did you really play drums on American Soldier?
S: I really did play drums on American Soldier. Thanks for coming to the show now.
B: Wait, wait. So you’re sure it wasn’t someone else?
S: I was the one playing them, and those are my drums on the album, so no, it wasn’t someone else. NEXT.
B: And there wasn’t any [casually] MIDI involved?
S: No, it was all me, man. NEXT.
B: I mean, I’M very familiar with your style, and YOU’RE very familiar with your style. And I’m a hardcore. I can tell if you’re not drumming. But here I am, asking multiple times.
S: Yep, here you are. NEXT.
B: [whispering] So did you?
B: That’s all I wanted to know, thank you. [Looks at signed record album] Hey, you smeared your signature on this.
S: Dude, I’m Scott Rockenfield. If you want anything non-smeared, go talk to Chris DeGarmo.

This has been a presentation of Rockox Professional Theatre Company.

(This is currently being workshopped, mostly for Batman references)

Yep, Screaming in Digital is the first one that comes to mind. And you need to look no further than Jason Ames' horrible "No one can hear when you're barfing in digital" in this live clip from 2011. And I generally like Ames' voice, but this clip....oof.

« on: September 10, 2018, 09:14:23 AM »
Exactly, who the hell else is stalking Parker to see where he's working, as well as the others and they make money. He probably hired a private investigator to find out why he isnt touring this month   

Well, to be fair Parker posts that shit on Facebook.   ;D

Good point. But since Blackbird said Parker blocked him on FB sometime last year, that means one of Blackbird's "buddies" is keeping tabs on Parker for him and relaying the info back to Blackbird. Or it means Blackbird is logging out of his main Facebook account just so he can specifically go and stalk Parker's FB page, likely Todd's FB page, and the FB page of anyone else who's blocked him. Hahaha.

« on: September 07, 2018, 02:06:11 PM »
I'm certain the main reason Chris DeGarmo hasn't come back to Queensryche is because he knows deep down in his heart of hearts that if he were to come back, somehow, someway, he would disappoint Blackbird by his actions or inactions and then Blackbird would shrink into the saddest, most darkest corner of the world and cry himself to sleep until the end of his days. Chris couldn't possibly allow that to ever happen to Blackbird, to himself, hell, maybe even the whole damn world.

Instead he soars like an eagle, flying planes for a living, knowing that he could never fly as high as the pedestal on which Blackbird perches Chris. And on any given evening, as the sun is setting, Chris looks down over the world, wondering if Blackbird is looking up at him, whispering "Take me with you." And Chris smiles, shakes his head ever so slightly and says "In order for us to stay together, we must remain apart. Let me go, Blackbird. Let me go."

Chris DeGarmo would then fly off into the sunset, leaving Blackbird with only a collection of songs, a lifetime of memories and a pocketful of "what ifs." Blackbird would indeed cry himself to sleep that night, but it would be a comforting and reassuring cry, for Blackbird knows just as Chris would never smear the marker on a glossy 8x10, nor would Chris ever dream of tarnishing the memory of him on Blackbird's aching heart.

Simply put.

Someone Else? / Re: Notable Deaths other than Rock Stars
« on: September 07, 2018, 01:18:39 PM »
Man, what a swinger. Him and Lonnie Anderson were the fucking hottest in the 80s. Just look at these gorgeous people. RIP

QUEENSRYCHE: / Re: If Scott Doesn't Return to the Band
« on: September 07, 2018, 12:52:15 PM »
Might as well give poor Black-HEY! HEY! LISTEN TO ME-bird a bit more exposure. This was posted on DTF/BDR:

Yeah, I guess "evasive" is a better description for the current stuff with Rockenfield. But regardless, they aren't being forthcoming because they are worried about Rockenfield not being on the album, and what that will do to fan reception on the new record.

You're right, Mindcrime II didn't have Scott drumming. It WAS his arrangements (for the most part). Here's how that went down, according to Jason Slater - Scott recorded drums in his (Rockenfield's) home studio, and when Jason got the tracks, they were basically unusable. So Jason, bit by bit, reconstructed Scott's parts on midi, and then called in a drummer friend of his (I forget his name) to play some stuff he couldn't program. That's how MC II went down. But NO ONE knew that until way after the fact, and at that time, Tate was still in the band.

Now we're looking at a Tate-less band, and now the prospect of not having Scott on the record at all, leaving two original members, and yeah, the band is likely worried about how that will impact fan reception and the first week chart numbers of the record. Rightly so, they should be concerned, because that first week is always huge, and a poor week might mean they get dropped.

Re: American Soldier -- that was Scott, completely. No midi or fill-in drummers. I've asked both Jason and Scott, multiple times myself. That's all Scott.

Going back to the Rockenfield discussion of what is going on now, what I heard, and I've said this before, is that he took a hiatus for his son for a few months, and then reconnected with Tate when Tate wrote something in support of Scott while Scott was going through a divorce last year. That led to Scott doing behind the scenes stuff with Tate (what, I'm not sure), and Rockenfield kept staying away from QR (he did this in the past, staying away from the band, for a long period in late 2013, if I remember right). Whether all this will result in Scott gigging with Tate, I don't know. I don't think Tate can afford to bring Rockenfield out on the road, which is why it didn't happen. What I do know is, is that Rockenfield got very pissed when he found out QR recorded a record without him, and rumor had it he was going out of his way to prevent it from coming out (which I assume is why the record's release date was pushed from this fall, to early next year, despite what the band has said publicly). There's some other stuff that went on too that's not necessary to add, but you get the point -- shit has gone down.

But, QR has just released that minute sample of the new record to its pledge people, and so new music IS on its way from the La Torre-fronted QR. But they are still being "evasive" when it comes to the drummer, most likely because the above situation has not been resolved, and there likely are some legalities associated with that.

My complete guess is, the band and Scott are at odds regarding him leaving, money owed, and trying to restructure in such a way that they can continue on and not lose face, and avoid paying Scott a huge settlement (because they still owe Tate too, which I know for a fact). And that could ultimately end up that to make it so everyone gets paid, QR with Tate, Rockenfield, Eddie, and Michael reunited, so that all this "settlement payout" is done with, and "Queensryche" with the four remaining original members can maximize the little time they have left to make decent cash before calling it a day. Again, that is all speculation.

But that's what I think. Take from it what you want, believe it or not. But that's what I know, and what I believe based on what I know, and the personalities involved.

« on: September 07, 2018, 12:41:11 PM »
A couple quick notes:
Everything we complained about from say 2003-2012 is back again, except the new music is more along the lines of what was expected from Queensryche.

So if the music is better, what's the fucking problem?
My advice - just enjoy the tunes, and ignore the rest...So go enjoy the tunes, and let the rest go. All the rest is BS you don't need.

Like livgrnfan noted, he advises everyone to enjoy the tunes and then a second later says he still checks in on the band out of morbid curiosity. Maybe he should follow his own advice. He says Parker doesn't work at the motorcycle shop anymore. Seriously, WHO FUCKING KNOWS THIS SHIT unless you're a crazy, rabid fan?

Just enjoy the music, everyone. Right after I barf out another theory/rumour about Scott Rockenfield.

60's Rock Invasion / Re: Rolling Stones
« on: September 07, 2018, 10:19:42 AM »
I eventually got the Mick Jagger gig in a local tribute band, so I've been listening to a bunch of Stones stuff over the past few months. So far I haven't really gotten past anything the band isn't currently working on, but I'm liking their stuff way more than I thought I would. And man, Mick Jagger and the band are just beasts on stage. It's unreal.

This is the jam I'm currently listening to / learning for the next gig. This live version of Bitch just rips ass:

Oh and NJ, I think your website is racist. I did a search for "Jagger" and the search results said "You may have meant to search for jigger." Just sayin'.  ;)

QUEENSRYCHE: / Re: Queensryche Merch
« on: September 07, 2018, 09:00:05 AM »
You know what I really fuckin' wanted? The Mindcrime bolo tie. Remember when silk shirts and string ties were in? I had joined the fanclub at some point, probably around the Empire days, and was sent a catalogue of stuff. And I wanted that bolo tie sooooo badly. I'm not sure why I never ordered it.

Lookit this thing. It's fucking GORGEOUS.

« on: September 07, 2018, 08:55:41 AM »
Especially when he didn’t even do them the courtesy of removing all of their home addresses from the documents.


Honestly, I don't even remember the addresses in the documents (granted I never read all the docs cover to cover. I'm more into chick lit, m'self). But if they were kept in there, that certainly shows a lack of courtesy on Blackbird's part. But when he already uploaded the documents and aired the band's dirty laundry for all the QR fans to see, what's a little more discourtesy?

Also, for clarity, Blackbird's recent comment (a reply to a poster's comment about getting tired of Queensryche's "smoke and mirrors" about not saying anything further regarding Scott) is here in full:

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, believe me. It is part of the reason I no longer support current QR by not going to their shows or buying records. (Among other reasons.)

Everything we complained about from say 2003-2012 is back again, except the new music is more along the lines of what was expected from Queensryche. But the same bad decisions, same smoke and mirrors, etc., are still there. And in some ways, the smoke and mirrors are worse when it comes to various things about the band.  :lol

My advice - just enjoy the tunes, and ignore the rest. Trust me. In some ways, I am thankful and fortunate for the access I had for a few years. Made some cool memories, and got to experience some things. But truth be told, I wish I never had gotten involved, nor met some of the people in their camp. So go enjoy the tunes, and let the rest go. All the rest is BS you don't need. :)

I hang in these days more out of morbid curiosity because I know how it all works behind the scenes and the personalities involved. But outside of the original lineup, which to me IS Queensryche, and still my favorite band and I enjoy listening to that catalog as much as I ever did (and still enjoy documenting their history), I simply just enjoy the music from the post-Chris years where I can, and mostly ignore anything from 2011-present.

QUEENSRYCHE: / Queensryche Merch
« on: September 06, 2018, 01:36:52 PM »
I always love me some cool band merch. What kind of Queensryche merch have you bought over the years? Here's what I can think of, though I'm sure I'm missing stuff. Post pics if you can find them. is a killer site with a ton of stuff listed.

Warning 1985 tour 3/4 length shirt

Operation: Mindcrime 1991 tour t-shirt

Empire t-shirt

Empire band members shirt

Empire “triryches all over” shirt (goddamn is this ever a fuckin ugly shirt)

Empire tour shirt

Dead Mary shirt

Operation: Mindcrime II “Rock Revenge Redemption” green shirt

Triryche chain necklace

Triryche beaded necklace

Baseball cap (I think the one I have doesn’t have “World Tour 1991” on it)

Mindcrime bandana (not the bottle, just the bandana in this pic)

Toque (or something pretty much like this

Black S/T shirt

White “glow in the dark” shirt

Zombie shirt (one of my faves)

Square pin

Triryche pin


Couldn't find pics for:

Tribe bandana
Belt buckle
Baby onesie (for my kids)

QUEENSRYCHE: / Re: New album sound clips online
« on: September 06, 2018, 09:30:10 AM »
The thing that bugs me the most about this pledge campaign is the lack of ANY information. I've done a bunch of pledge campaigns and kickstarters for different things but I've never seen anything THIS bare bones. Maybe I'm just lucky and I've managed to avoid the really bad ones (assuming there's a ton of pledge campaigns like this one where there's practically no information). No artwork, no album information, no definitive personnel information.

Or maybe I can stop being a little bitch and just drop the ten bucks for a digital download so I can hear the new clips.  ;D

« on: September 05, 2018, 02:57:33 PM »
Just gonna leave this recent post from Blackbird here:

When Todd joined, for a while I felt like "QUEENSRYCHE" or at least the ideals of the band were back - honesty, integrity, the dreaded "thinking man's metal" tag, etc. Then that was shattered by the realities of who people are. Simply put, I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

HAHAHA. Poor, poor Blackbird.

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