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Someone Else? / Re: Ticket sales & Service fee's Bitch Session
« on: February 15, 2018, 09:14:11 AM »
We paid out the ass for U2 tickets but we are seeing them in Dublin and my wife is a huge fan of them and with seeing them in Dublin it should be pretty cool.  If it's a band I havent seen before or its a special tour or unique venue I'll spring for higher ticket prices.  Saw Yes at an older opera house playing Drama and Fragile all the way through so it was worth the cost to me. 

The fee that chaps my ass the most is the fee I have to pay to print my own ticket on paper I bought with ink I bought using the printer I bought. 

Also I like when I can pick my own seats for a show.  Just annoys me that different shows at the same venue, one will let you chose your own seat and another show wont.  I'm paying out the ass for a show let me pick my seats. 

No way to escape Ticketbastard/Live Nation in the US for the most part.

I was stunned to find out few years ago that bands have to pay a fee or give over a percentage of their merch revenue to sell it at the show.  Kinda fucked up.

Someone Else? / Re: Best Concert You've Ever Attended
« on: February 15, 2018, 09:00:30 AM »
There was good and bad with Rock Carnival.  It was at the minor league ball park in Lakewood, nice setup.  Two main stages in the outfield that alternated.  Food trucks and vendors outside the stadium along with two other stages, one of those shared with wrestling.  Friday night was shitty wind and rain earlier on that had the promoters close the outside stages and food truck area.  They initially cancelled one of the main stages as rain flooded the third base stage.  When we got there the only bands that were going to play were BOC and Alice Cooper on the first base stage.  Zakk Sabbath and Clutch were supposed to play third base stage.  Zakk cancelled as their gear was soaked (water and electronics not a good mix).  Clutch decided to go and watched as roadies and setup crew brushed inches of water off that stage and I'll be damned they played after BOC finished.  Alice closed out the night.  All those sets were great.  BOC has Kasim Sultan on bass now and they've been getting the better jam tunes dusted off.  Alice is just a tight show, Nita Strauss is amazing on lead for him.  And you get a great stage show for you money. 

Saturday was breezy and a bit drizzly but everything was up and running.  Many folks I guess gave up after the Friday fiasco even if they had weekend tickets.  My friend told me when we met up at a bar in Lakewood that he had heard the show was canx'ed for Friday evening but my attitude was I flew here from Europe lets fucking drive out there lol.  So not a huge crowd.  Mostly stayed with main stage bands in the stadium.  I purchased a VIP package which gave four tokens I think to do meet and greets with bands of my choosing (Headliners didnt participate with this one and some had their own packages).  Ended up with six tokens somehow lol. 

Jackyl, Texas Hippie Coalition, Punky Meadows (Angel guitarist), Ace Frehley, Daughtry, Overkill, Zebra (side stage outside stadium) and Twisted Sister were the bands I saw sets from.  Ace was sloppy as hell on guitar and, while he was never a great singer, he mostly just talks now.  But he'll still draw a crowd cause he's Ace.  Punky Meadows just looks creepy, too much plastic surgery botox too tan.  But was cool to hear the Angel tunes live.  Jackyl always puts on a fun live show always worth seeing. And if you have 4-5k, they'll play your backyard bbq (not kidding on that).  THC is another good band to see, saw them a lot when I lived in Oklahoma and was going there for training 2009-2014.  Overkill was great as usual, Blitz is one of the most underrated singers.  I'd of rather seen them in the Big 4 instead of Slayer.  I felt bad for Zebra as they were stuck on a very small stage outside.  Lots of great memories of seeing them in the late 70's early 80s on the tri state club circuit.  Great musicians and Randy Jackson still has a good voice. Twisted Sister kicked ass.  Lots of energy from Dee, his voice is phenomenal for being in his mid 60's.  Kind of sad seeing them wrap it up.  Jay Jay was a master at engineering them into the festival headliner they became outside the US once they reformed.  I did the meet and greets with Zebra, Jackyl and Overkill.  Main guys in Zebra and Overkill very engaging.  Blitz with Overkill especially so.  Just a blue collar guy from tristate area.  Told them I was seeing them later that year in Germany and that I worked with a Belgian in NATO that was from his wife's hometown in Belgium so that slowed down the line a bit lol.  Jackyl the lead singer was kind of standoffish.  You never know if they are having a bad day, or maybe that is just how they are offstage.  The Worley brothers more than made up for it (guitars and drums).  Sound had issues all day.  Band production managers were not happy with the festival FOH engineers.  Lots of bitching to get levels right for soundcheck between sets.  Food trucks I sampled were really good.  There was a BBQ truck next to the pig racing area (yeah did I mention the pig racing?) I loved that irony.

Sunday was about the same weather.  Bands I checked out were Legion, Four By Fate, Citizen Zero, Trixter, Bulletboys (outside stadium), Jim Bruer, Sebastian Bach, Life Of Agony, Tom Keifer, The Used, Doro (outside stadium) and Halestorm. Legion, Four By Fate, and Citizen Zero are good bands but won't really move up much more than where they are now.  Good opening bands for a tour.  Trixter was pretty good but not going to be big outside of their area.  Bulletboys singer still has dreams of 1980's David Lee Roth rock god (needs to ditch the wig) but at least he can still sing.  Jim Bruer was hillarious and his band was really good too.  Mainly a novelty thing but I'd pay to see them at a club.  Bach used to be good.  I've seen him meltdown a few times at other festivals in the last few years with equipment issues.  And his higher register is more scream than melodic anymore.  My first time to see Life of Agony and wasnt impressed.  Not my type of music.  Dont know how often they play or rehearse but sounded real sloppy and lots of dead time between songs for as high up on the bill as they were (Second to last on second stage).  The Used are good, tight set, just not into them is all.  Tom Keifer was great has a good band behind him and you'll get all the Cinderella tunes plus his country tinged blues rock solo songs.  Lzzy Hale came out to jam on a Cinderella tune (I think it was Nobody's Fool)  Halestorm closed out the festival.  Ironic name considering the weather lol.  Wasnt a fan of the album they were touring but man this band is good.  I'm hoping Lzzy doesnt blow out her vocal cords.  She did have Steve Whiteman from Kix as a vocal coach for awhile and his voice sounds better now in his 60's than he did in the 80's.  Always worth it to see Halestorm.  Did the meet and greets with Jim Bruer, Tom Keifer and Doro.  All three were a blast to meet but I gotta say Doro is one of the most genuine rock stars I have ever met.  Very engaging and I mentioned I was going to her show at a venue in Germany that December and she immediately said the town name and asked if I already had a ticket as it was sold out.  I'm convinced if I said no, she would have put me on the guest list. 

Overall I enjoyed the festival.  Weather could have been better but its what you get with a festival close the the Jersey Shore in late september. 

Southern Rock / Re: Lynyrd Skynyrd
« on: February 14, 2018, 06:48:13 PM »
if you want to count those who left before they recorded the first album, Larry Junstrom and Greg T Walker both played bass before Wilkinson joined for the first album.  Junstrom was a founder of the band and went on to play with 38 Special for 37 years.  Walker was bassist in Blackfoot with Medlocke and I think there is some bad blood between those two.  And I dont see Pyle ever gracing a stage or even being allowed in a venue where Skynyrd is.  He's being sued by the band for his involvement in a low budget movie about the plane crash and his memoir is being held up by another lawsuit filed by Skynyrd and Ronnie's wife.  Ed King is still recording, he had a heart transplant a few years ago.

QUEENSRYCHE: / Re: If Scott Doesn't Return to the Band
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:30:43 AM »
I find Todd's "connecting the dots" comment interesting.  It's 2018 and most everyone is walking around with more computing power in their hand then NASA had to put Apollo missions to the moon and back.  Of course we connect dots because it's human nature.  Here is a musician who takes 10 months off (and counting) in an industry that you need to tour relentlessly if you want to make money.  Bands have members fall of the wagon and come back in less time (Kix's Ronnie Younkins missed a gig early in 2017 due to a relapse, and was back in the saddle a few months later) than this paternity leave is shaping up to be.  Then the drummer filling in for the bandmember leaves his primary band just as this band is getting ready to enter the studio to record a new album.  Yes I am connecting dots.  And if it comes to pass that Scott retires from the touring part or even all together, the band is going to get harrangued for how they handled the PR on this.  And even if he does come back, its something they and he will be questioned on as much or maybe more in the near term than "will Tate and/or DeGarmo come back to the fold in some form". 

Look at how Priest handled the sudden decision of Tipton to sit out the current tour.  They made the revelation that he's been battling Parkinson's for 10 years.  That fact was kept quiet (rightly so as it didnt have an impact) until now.  Once he realized during tour rehearsals it was going to severely impact what he thought the songs should sound like, they contacted someone to agree to fill his part on the tour.  Easy peasy. 

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: OZZY Osbourne
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:10:33 AM »
Shit I don't think he's ever played some of those songs live ever.  Plus no way he could hit passages in some of those songs anyway.  I lost a lot of respect for Ozzy mainly in how his spouse has made him into a sad caricature of who he was from the Blizzard of Ozz days.  I appreciate his career from Sabbath and his early efforts with the Blizzard of Ozz and his solo career after those first two albums up to No More Tears.  As much as I'd like to see him one more time I just can knowingly give his spouse my money.  I'm content that my last time to see him solo was when he had Joe Holmes on guitar and his last time with Sabbath was on Ozzfest in 2004 (he sounded great that night and Ward was on drums). 

Someone Else? / Re: Best Concert You've Ever Attended
« on: February 14, 2018, 09:01:21 AM »
Any show that required a ticket to get in and was an artist with an album to their credit for the most part.  Some were at amusement parks where the show was part of the park admission.  Growing up in NYC was a target rich environment with three major arenas, three stadiums and a plethora of theaters and other venues to see artists at.  Mostly all rock and metal but country, pop, jazz artists as well.  I always tried to see bands in my travels with the military (I did 25 years in the Air Force doing aircraft maintenance so got to travel with the aircraft I maintained and we didnt always travel to the sandbox)  and when I was at homestation.  Since I retired I've made concert/shows a priority.  Lived a few years in Salt Lake City which has some great venues.  Have been funemployed mostly since mid 2014 and moved to Frankfurt, Germany area in mid 2015.  I think I average 30-40 shows a year, mostly in my area but do road trips if a band I like isnt coming through this area or spouse wants to see them and local dates don't fit her schedule (Iron Maiden in Estonia and U2 in Dublin are two this year that fit that category). 

Whereabouts in NJ are you?  I flew back there in 2016 for the Rock Carnival in Lakewood mainly for the last Twisted Sister show and to hang with a buddy stationed at McGuire.

Someone Else? / Re: Upcoming Concerts & Reviews
« on: February 13, 2018, 07:05:33 AM »
Saw Fates last year, great set, maybe 300 folks there (500 cap club).  Going to see Armored Saint later this summer.

Caught The Iron Maidens a few months ago, only caught half their set due to a clusterfuck getting back to our vehicle after a US-Germany rugby match (US won).  Great show, love that Iron Maiden is cool with them and most of the band have seen them play and Nicko has jammed with them.

The Michael Schenker Fest is a great concept.  Starts off with an instrumental then each of the singers come out in chronological order to do a few songs then a solo before the next singer comes out.  Barden sounds good and is a good frontman. Was really cool to see Bonnet do his MSG songs with Michael as he never toured with MSG after his album was done.  Then McCauley killed it, always liked his voice.  Then they trade off vocals for the last set song and the two encores.  Ted McKenna was amazing on drums and I cant say enough good things about Chris Glen.  And Steve Mann filled in the sound as well as Paul Raymond on guitars keys and backing vocals.  Everyone was laughing and smiling on stage.  Great vibe.  I think Doogie White will be on the US leg this year along with the other three so try to catch it if you can.

Upcoming shows this year for me:

Myrath (great prog metal band Tunisian some great Arab melodies in their music)
Pretty Maids/Pink Cream 69
Brian Downey's Alive and Dangerous
Martin Barre (former Jethro Tull guitarist)
Skid Row
Judas Priest
Ramblin Man Fair (Maidstone UK) featuring Sons Of Apollo, Halestorm, The Cult, Fish, Steel Panther, Steve Earle, Gov't Mule
Armored Saint
Mr Big/Fozzy

Someone Else? / Re: Best Concert You've Ever Attended
« on: February 13, 2018, 06:41:16 AM »
Agree on KISS Revenge club tour.  I was home on leave to NYC and completely concur it was the best sounding KISS show I'd seen before or since. 

Saw Steel Wheels tour at Shea Stadium.  There was an African drum troupe that opened the night probably 30 drummers on different percussion sounded amazing.  Then Living Colour kicked ass then the Stones.

Saw the Stones a few years later with Seal opening in Oakland Coliseum and was blown away by the soundsystem.  I've been to concert halls that didnt sound as good as that show sounded in a baseball stadium.

Last time to see SRV was at Cotton Bowl sandwiched between the Who and Fabulous Thunderbirds.  Was hoping that the Vaughn Brothers would jam during either of the sets being in DFW and all but sadly no.

70's Classic Rock / Brian Downey's Alive and Dangerous
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:52:44 PM »
Every year in Dublin on the 4th of January there is a get together to celebrate the life and music of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott on the anniversary of his death in 1986 and its called the Vibe for Philo.  Lots of tribute bands, sometimes former Lizzy members jam with them.  Well in 2016 Lizzy drummer Brian Downey came out and jammed with a band called the Low Riders for 5 songs before he played a full set with original Lizzy guitarist Eric Bell.  It was great to see him play live finally.  The following year he put a band together to play a full set of Lizzy tunes, basically the set list from their Live and Dangerous album.  They played three nights in a row for the 2017 Vibe.  Then a few months later they announce a European tour so I got to see them in a small club in Frankfurt Germany in front of maybe 100 people.  Dont know if he wants to take this out of Europe but he has said he wants to write material with these guys.

Judge for yourselves
Documentary of band for 2017 Vibe for Philo

2016 Vibe with the Low Riders  Dancing In The Moonlight/Massacre

Sep 2017 show in Sweden drum solo

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: OZZY Osbourne
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:31:38 PM »
So does anyone else think since he just got done spending  the last few years flogging Sabbath songs to death that maybe he should drop them from his solo set and do some more of his solo material? 

Someone Else? / Re: When should a band hang it up?
« on: February 12, 2018, 09:01:45 PM »
Y & T is an interesting exception for me.  Meniketti has such a distinctive voice (which has held up well) and is a phenomenal lead guitarist and is the primary songwriter.  Bass player passed in 2011.  Other guitarist left but was suffering from medical issues for years.   Drummer left after he joined again due to COPD issues.  He'd jam with the band at an annual show they'd do in Bay Area and he'd be on O2 while he was drumming.  Both he and other guitarist passed away last year. 

Agree with you on Chicago.  After Kath left us, band wasnt the same for me.  Chicago gets the press for having the horn section but the real spark was Kath. 

The thing that gets me with Foreigner is you may get a show without Jones even so its really just a cover band at  that point. 

Coverdale needs to shut the Snake show down.  I give him props for still putting out new material and he is a phenomenal frontman.  But holy crap his voice is shot when it comes down to doing anything from Slip Of The Tongue back.  20 minutes or more of the set is guitar and drum solos and then the extended crowd participation.  Saw them at Rocklahoma 5 or 6 years ago and it was painful to hear. Maybe he needs to go the route of Ian Anderson and hire a singer to do the earlier material and just stick to the later material (Nevermore on) and stage patter.

Sabbath is a weird one.  Every time they wanted to not call it Sabbath, record company said no we want it as a Sabbath release.  I like  Born Again.  I like Seventh Star.  I like most of the Martin records (Forbidden has some great riffs at least and will like to hear it if Iommi remixes it).  Probably should have fought harder with IRS Records to rename the Martin era something besides Sabbath. 

Someone Else? / Re: Best Concert You've Ever Attended
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:30:48 PM »
Judas Priest/Iron Maiden 1982 MSG

Rammstein 2011 Las Vegas

Aerosmith/Pat Travers 1983 Brendan Byrne Arena (Travers was on fire and Aerosmith was without Perry and Whitford and Tyler was strung out as hell)

Ozzy/Joe Perry Project/Def Leppard 1981 Nassau Coliseum

The Who/The Clash/David Johansen 1982 Shea Stadium

Aerosmith/Ted Nugent 1986 MSG

U2/The Alarm 1983 Pier 84

Vintage Trouble (opened for the Who) 2012 MSG

Someone Else? / Re: Best Concert You've Ever Attended
« on: February 12, 2018, 07:45:09 PM »
Only time to see Pink Floyd was Feb 1980 at Nassau Coliseum.  Tried three times to see them after they reformed, had tix each time, and got tagged for work travel each time.

Someone Else? / When should a band hang it up?
« on: February 12, 2018, 07:36:05 AM »
Lots of turmoil the last few weeks with announced farewell tours and other health issues and deaths affecting bands. 

When should a band pull the plug on touring/recording under their name?

With the internet and social media one only has to go to the comments section on a site like  Blabbbermouth to find how people feel on a band and previous members.

No Steve Perry, no Journey
No Ace and Peter, No KISS
No Sebastian Bach, No Skid Row
No Geoff Tate, No Queensryche
No KK Downing, No Judas Priest
No Bill Ward, No Black Sabbath

The list goes on.  Some is in jest, some is with all seriousness.  Almost all bands go through change in their careers.  Some is what they need to make it over the hump (AJ Pero joining Twisted Sister, Bruce Dickinson with Iron Maiden, Midge Ure with Ultravox, Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson with Thin Lizzy) others needed to get a cancer out of the mix no matter what the career implications might be (Tate from Queensryche, DiAnno from Iron Maiden, Bach from Skid Row, Pete Willis from Def Leppard, Kottak from Scorpions, Jordison from Slipknot).  Bands are a marriage. Marriages between two people struggle and need work to thrive and many dont survive.  Try that with two, three, or more folks in the mix.  Life priorities change, visions for the bands direction change, ego takes over logic. 

Should Black Sabbath stopped under that name when Ronnie Dio joined after Ozzy's departure in the late 70's? 

Should Queensryche have kept on as Rising West after Tate's ouster?


Someone Else? / Re: 2018 Farewell Tours
« on: February 12, 2018, 06:38:22 AM »

Here is an interesting development.  Explains the appearance that he may have been in pain playing the last few tours I saw them on.  Amazing he's been able to go on as long as he has.  My guess is he felt he could get through the upcoming tour dates, started to woodshed to get the setlist down and his disease had progressed enough to where he feels he can't get through 4-5 shows a week.  As professionals they want to honor the dates they have booked and I commend them for that.  Andy Sneap will be filling in. 

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