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Looks like Geoff is changing the line up for the next run of US dates

Geoff Tate - Vocals
John Moyer - Bass
Scott Mercado - Drums
Randy Gane - Keyboard
Scott Moughton - Guitar
Kieran Robertson - Guitar
Emily Tate - Sister Mary.

I like this lineup better than the one on the European run.

I guess that jackass Samsara's "reliable source" that told him Scott was going to play again with Geoff Tate meant Scott MERCADO, not ROCKENFIELD. LMFAO, that is fucking priceless. Open your ears jackass, wrong Scott  >:D C:-) ;D

90's to present Heavy Metal Bands / Re: Sons of Apollo
« on: May 17, 2018, 12:52:46 AM »
Man that was an awesome show!!, I told ya you didn't want to miss this one. They were on fire. I knew Soto, Sheehan and Portnoy would not disappoint, but man, can't say enough about how insanely good Bumblefoot was. He was a beast the entire show.  8)

« on: May 12, 2018, 03:04:32 AM »
motor mouth is at it again huh? I got some catching up to do I see  >:D been out of town for work, I'll get us caught up next week to make sure some of the good stuff gets pasted here just in case it were to disappear over there  8)

« on: May 03, 2018, 12:01:41 AM »
Another word was not really spoken on the issue until today May 2 , 2018

Another poster;

"So in one month or so we'll finally know if Scott Rockenfield shows up with Tate? (I don't think we're gonna know what's the deal with him from Queensryche anytime soon anyway)"

Samsara responds; (fourteen minutes later no less)

Quote from: Kwyjibo on Today at 08:44:02 AM

Yeah, this is really sad, but then again, they have nobody but themselves to blame. And while Tate was a big part of both the success and the downfall, the rest of the band has made countless serious mistakes also.

"Yeah, they did for sure. They should have put a stop to Tateryche earlier. And while a lot of people blame Chris for pushing toward the alternative with Hear in the Now Frontier, I think folks quickly forget that EMI going belly up is what sank that record, not the direction (despite it being bloated somewhat). There are some songs that really hold up on that record today. Chris isn't blameless, of course, but I think HITNF was the Empire for 1997, and may of well could have been very successful had EMI not folded in spring 1997. The singles were in heavy radio rotation and doing well.

But after that..."

Quote from: MirrorMask on Today at 08:44:57 AM
So in one month or so we'll finally know if Scott Rockenfield shows up with Tate? (I don't think we're gonna know what's the deal with him from Queensryche anytime soon anyway)

"They already announced the drummer, I believe. I forget his name, but hadn't heard of him before. So it isn't Scott. Strange. My guess is, while his absence surely isn't about parental leave, perhaps his divorce necessitates him staying off the road. And surely, with the places Tate is playing, Scott knows he's not going to make any money touring with Tate. It still doesn't explain why Todd did the drums for the next QR record instead of Scott (which La Torre all but admitted in his last interview without saying it). So something funky is going on for sure.

I still believe Scott will work with Geoff. If not on the road, perhaps on Geoff's next album...whether that's a solo album or them reuniting with Jackson and Wilton. It's inevitable, in my opinion. They can make more money together than they can apart. They know it. And money drives them. It won't be much, but would be more than they are all making now."

So after all that trusted reliable inside source bullshit, he gets away with just a passing acknowledgement that he was fucking wrong.  C:-) >:D
Gotta love it man.

soooo, NJFF gets a word in, not quoting Samsara and a few posts down the line at that. We'll see if Bosk retaliates like an asshole again this time, especially considering he even has this site in his tagline to be an antagonist, but he's the protected little snowflake that nobody is allowed to question. It is fucking nauseating  :o ::)

Scott doesn't even want to tour with the real band for whatever reasons, will use the recent addition to his family as the going reason (though I'm sure the divorce legalities, and who knows what else may have some consequence as well). He sure as hell isn't going to tour with Geoff playing with the kids from his daughter's band and whoever else is in the lineup this month playing garages and small bars with anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred people making less than he does touring with Queensryche, which coincidentally isn't mere peanuts, cause a lot of those fly in casino dates pay pretty good guaranteed cash.

To me, the guys getting back with Tate would be a stupid ridiculous thing to do and would not command much more in the way of cash, however the potential down side of reemerging conflicts and personality issues would be immense and almost guaranteed in due time, especially over musical direction and management issues etc. The only time it would make sense for all parties involved to even think about doing that would be for an eventual farewell tour. That might, MIGHT, bring a decent payday, and they wouldn't have to work together in the studio for a new album.

Beyond that, they are better off staying the course. If the next album is even in the ballpark, quality wise, as the first two albums with Todd. Why mess with a good thing. Every review I've seen of the bands live shows have been extremely positive for damn near the last five years running. Tate's shows, not so much. Why go there?   


« on: May 02, 2018, 11:52:44 PM »
To NJFF's great post following that last one from March 3, 2018
So to humor this situation, from my point of view on this speculation of Scott Rockenfield rejoining up with Geoff Tate, and even Kelly Gray in a supposed second version of Queensryche. Which by the way, I'll believe when I see it. I'm going to re-post here a few posts that I put up on my site under a thread I titled,

A Two Queensryche Scenario.

   So, given the rumor that our feathered friend (blackbird, aka samsara) has put forth in conjunction with the facebook caption from Kelly Gray that Bgs1972 posted, lets humor this situation just for shits and giggles, shall we. As to what that might look like and how that might play out. Because I kind of already know the answer, if by some miraculous twist of insanity Scott completely lost his marbles and did such a thing.

So, lets say that some way and some how. Scott decided to join forces with Geoff Tate and Kelly Gray was going to be in the fold along with Scott Mouton as the guitar tandem. and we'll throw the current dude that is playing bass on the European tour ( I don't know his name off the top of my head) in the mix for the sake of completing the lineup. Now, in addition to that, we need some sort of legal scenario to unfold to somehow give them the rights to also call themselves Queensryche. So lets assume that that somehow happened. So now we have our lineup, we have them going out as Queensryche #2.

Now, we have to really get into some kind of further impossibility in order for this to take place and happen as soon as later this year to capitalize on this whole 30th Anniversary of Mindcrime thing, since that is Geoff's bread and butter and would probably be the reason for this crazy scenario to even unfold. Can the legalities involved in getting court approval to use the name be sorted out that fast, I highly doubt it, but again lets pretend it did. So they are going to go out and play the North American tour for the Operation Mindcrime 30th Anniversary. We'll say in the fall.

  Here are some facts real quick. I don't care what he calls the band, and I don't think it would matter much of a hill of beans that Scott were playing the drums. Because the fact of the matter is he is playing an album that has been done to death, so much so that most of the biggest fans of that record residing on the earth no longer bother to go see it live. Especially with that guitar tandem (which has been done pretty much, and whoever on bass). Scott would be an improvement on the drums. The rest of the production would be the same.

 The same one that is lucky to draw two hundred/ two hundred fifty people to a bar. Which is what I witnessed when I went to see him do it five years ago on the 25th anniversary (when he was also permitted to use the Queensryche name mind you) at a little side bar in the now closed Revel Casino in Atlantic City, which there may have been two hundred and fifty people at (and that is a conservative high side number).

Now it's five years later, I think there is less of a draw for it now, with all the bad publicity it gets every time the you tube vids go up, read the comments. This would be a small to mid size bar/club tour with empty seats/or plenty of elbow room to spare. Scott is not going to do that kind of tour itinerary that Geoff has been doing with a slew of dates strung together in succession the last couple years (hence I'm sure he is one of the major factors for the fly in shows, I doubt it's Todd or Parker), especially for the peanuts that that tour would pull in cash wise after just having his kid that he wants to stay home with (another dilemma, unless that was all a farce, but I kinda doubt that is how it started if this were true).

Geoff Tate's credibility in the public eye has been in the toilet for some years now, with little improvement on that front that I have witnessed reading comments around the net. Kelly Gray's playing has been absolutely crucified from the bdr to blabbermouth and all points in between by the fan base since he first stepped foot in the band on Q2K, to the Oven Mitts nickname, to the Operation Mindcrime trilogy. This reputation by my observation has not improved any in recent times. There are also a lot of people who do not like Scott Mouton due to his past legal indiscretions. There will also be people who, believe it or not, will not go because Scott sold himself to the devil in joining back up with Tate, that may have otherwise went because they have adapted to enjoying the two entities as separate animals. There are also purists who won't go to either because it is not the original, or enough of the original lineup in either band. So what kind of cash exactly is this tour going to bring in to be able to rub two nickels together having to pay Scott his fair share?

That's the tour...

Now lets really get a laugh here and lets say they record a new album, the lineup stated above with the ability to call themselves Queensryche. We've been here before. Frequency Unknown was one of the most lambasted records in heavy metal history by my observation, so much so that it led to a " why I hate Frequency Unknown" campaign and the ridiculous rant contest or whatever that horseshit was. and I actually liked the record. It also didn't sell worth a shit.

Since then Geoff has released three more albums in his trilogy set over the last three years, each of which hasn't been represented live, have been all but disregarded by most at best , crucified by many at worst, and haven't sold worth a shit either. And again, there's no animosity here, I actually liked the fuckin records.

So you tell me how the simple addition of being able to have the name Queensryche on it (for the second time) and having Scott Rockenfield in the band on drums (who arguably isn't even a primary songwriter) is going to make some miraculous difference? Geoff will still write the same kinda stuff as he has been with the help of Kelly Gray and outside writers with some assistance from Scott, and they will release a subpar shitty album along the lines of the four aforementioned that barely anybody bought and nobody besides me and a few hundred other people evidently even liked with a heaping sprinkling of yes...wait for it, Dedicated To Chaos sprinkled in for good measure  ;D Man that will sell like hot cakes, people will be lined up out the door at the shows too.... at Franks Pub.

What are your thoughts???                     

Now, lets discuss the fallout and ramifications of what would be left of the real Queensryche lineup if this were to occur.

The Lineup would still contain two original members, much as the other one. Featuring Michael Wilton and Eddie Jackson, they would have the bonus of still enjoying Parker Lundgren in the band for their guitar tandem completion (he who has been with the band now for ten years and has played on three studio albums, four if you count the upcoming release, which is two more than Kelly Gray did without counting the upcoming release). Todd LaTorre remaining on vocals having two (three if you count the upcoming release) albums under his belt. For drums since he would be the likely candidate at present, we will go with Casey Grillo (who the fans seem to be warm to and like as the temporary fill in and seems to be doing quite a competent and professional job at the task at hand).

This lineup is about to release a new record later in the year, which by all estimations should, at a minimum be pretty fucking good by most peoples expectations, given the performance and reviews of the last two. Not to mention if the speculation holds true Scott's playing will not even be on the damn thing, so ya won't even be able to say he had anything to do with what comes out of your speakers. All props or detractions will go to whoever the hell played the drums on it, and there will be some, I'm sure. But if the songs are good and kick ass, well then the songs are good and kick ass. I for one suspect that they will, with or without Scott's drums.

This lineups live show, and I've looked and done the research is still getting rave live reviews with Casey on the skins. So that would continue to be the case. Todd, well what can ya say the dude can flat out belt it, and he will do the same thing he has been doing for the last, about six years now bringing it live, bringing a resurgent energy, and belting it out. Blowing away by leaps and bounds Tate's current vocal state and anybody that argues to that contrary is fucking deaf. I recommend you go see a show, go see them both (I have) then come talk to me.

So by my estimation the real Queensryche would be the more established live entity, would still draw more people, would outsell the other lineup's record (no, neither will set the world on fire with sales, but would out sell theirs none the less). This Queensryche lineup would by far be the better and more energetic live band. This band would blow that band off the stage with technical playing skills, albeit a nod to Scott on the drums for the other lineup (but he can't fix the vocals or the guitar work) and this lineup's album would smoke the other Queensryche's record in an embarrassing manner, mark my words.

* I thought this applied in this rumor mill speculation and would offer a view point on if this were to happen by some crazy circumstance  :corn

And Samsara's response less than an hour later, mind you.
"The great thing about speculation is just that. It is speculation, for fun. Some turns out, some doesnt.

If scott is working with tate again (and i believe he is), what happens from there will be interesting to say the least. After all, isnt that what message boards are for? Unless, of course, folks use mbs for trolling. Thats just pathetic.  :lol"

 :D ;D >:D

Quote from: Samsara on March 03, 2018, 11:58:59 AM

The great thing about speculation is just that. It is speculation, for fun. Some turns out, some doesnt.

If scott is working with tate again (and i believe he is), what happens from there will be interesting to say the least. After all, isnt that what message boards are for? Unless, of course, folks use mbs for trolling. Thats just pathetic.  :lol


"But you're not really just speculating though. You waltz in here claiming to have inside-knowledge, claiming that this is definitely happening.
Speculation would have been looking at Kelly Gray's picture on Facebook, and guessing that Scott was back to working with Geoff again."

Samsara March 3, 2018
"Actually, you're incorrect. I didn't waltz in here. I've been a member for I don't know, a decade? Maybe more?  :lol

Second, I came in with knowledge saying that I was told by someone I trust, who has connections with the band, that Rockenfield is working with Tate. That's all I said.

After that, I speculated what may end up happening. You know, an opinion on a potential outcome based on what I was told. So no, I didn't claim anything was happening, except for the fact that I was told Scott is working with Geoff.

Please get things straight before you start accusing people of things.  Thanks.  ;) "

Samsara; March 3, 2018

Quote from: Zook on March 03, 2018, 12:16:58 PM
I'm not following any of this Scott stuff, but after all that went down, why would Scott get back with Geoff? It really doesn't make any sense. Was it everyone but him who wanted to start Rising West? I hardly visit this thread, and just randomly clicked, but the resident Queensryche nut thinks Scott is working with Geoff again, so he must have a good reason.

"Resident Queensryche nut?  :rollin
From what I heard, Tate spoke up for Rockenfield during Rockenfield's recent divorce proceedings, which could have been something that got them talking again. As for why he would do it, if you go back to my speculative post on potential outcomes, I explain that money could be a defining reasons."

Quote from: KevShmev on March 03, 2018, 12:47:24 PM
In retrospect, it sounds Queensryche made a bad deal by giving up the rights to play Mindcrime as a whole to Tate. Given how playing classic albums on an anniversary has been the live rave for aging artists for quite a few years now, that was probably the one card they still had to play as far as attracting decent size crowds over the span of a whole tour, and they handed that card to Tate.  This band is a disaster, and let's face it, pretty much has been for over 20 years now. 

"They did. Although at the time, they felt the name was worth it, and I can't say I blame them. But yeah, the band is a disaster, unfortunately. But I will give TLT-era QR this. Their first two records were good. They just for whatever reason didn't really spotlight them in all the shows they did."

The Almighty Bosk checks in;
March 03, 2018, 01:54:10 PM »
"Setzer and njfirefighter, you both need to tone it down.  Just because you may disagree with or dislike somebody else's opinion doesn't give you the right go start attacking.  Your "attacks" were fairly mild, so this is more of an informal warning.  But I will say this before it escalates:  keep it respectful."

 ;D ;D C:-)

NJFF's response;
I certainly did not "attack" anyone. I wasn't even talking to anyone in particular, I merely posted my thoughts on that band scenario and situation as a repost to give my perspective on what a two Queensryche situation would look like and how it would fare. I'm only posting this on here because I was publicly called out on it. I'll PM you Bosk to discuss it further in private. I have posted in many other threads on here, I think that was an over-reaction. If you look through all my posts on this forum, I have steered clear of confrontation without incident."


« on: May 02, 2018, 11:34:32 PM »
So to follow along and piece things together here, we went from this bogus post from Samsara on DTF on March 1, 2018

"I just got the scoop on an interesting bit of information. This obviously shouldn't be taken as gospel, because I can't say who told me, but according to someone I know with ties to the band, Scott Rockenfield is back working with Geoff Tate. I doubt even the guys in Queensryche even know it yet.  :lol"

"Since I can't reveal where the info came from, I realize most will take it as pure speculation, as you absolutely should. But I firmly believe it, and I figured that was what was going to happen after Scott's extended "parental leave" went well beyond what most do. Combine that with Scott likely not (I think Todd has said enough that we know Scott didn't) doing drums on Queensryche's album, this would set up a really interesting turn of events. The below is all speculative...."

"Tate is out there doing Mindcrime 30. Scott joins him. At least for now, Scott is still a principal member of Queensryche's corporation. So not only would Scott get his cut of the Queensryche profits, he'd no doubt get some sort of money for being back with Tate, if he is going to do shows. Double-dipping, anyone?  :lol I can't imagine, if that is indeed what happens, that Wilton and Jackson would stand for it. They'd probably vote him out. Problem is -- they still would have to pay Scott his share of the band's value to cash him out, and I guarantee that they can't afford to do that. So, what I am getting at is, theoretically, what if Scott, as a member of Queensryche's corporation, gave Tate permission to use the name, and Tate/Rockenfield start booking as Queensryche - and neither Wilton or Jackson could do anything about it?"

"If that happens, it is only a matter of time before Eddie and Michael will be confronted about what to do. Tate is out there touring. Touring bars, sure, but touring. Queensryche is doing fly-ins. Would Eddie leave and join Tate/Rockenfield...particularly if they (Wilton/Jackson) couldn't pay Rockenfield AND Tate in regard to what they owe them (Tate in the settlement, and Rockenfield if he wants to cash out and leave the new QR corporation)? Eddie would follow the money. If that happens, then (keep following me), then Ed and Scott, along with Tate would have not only the ability to call themselves Queensryche, but also have the majority of the members. So who would look better to a promoter to book for a show? Wilton, Lundgren, La Torre, Grillo and a bass player? Or Queensryche's original lead singer, bassist and drummer? I know who most would book. Michael would have no choice to follow suit."

"That sets up some crazy drama that is just about par for the course with this band. The person who told me about Rockenfield working with Tate is someone I've known for years and trust. I realize that most of you all will, and should, take the news about Rockenfield as pure rumor and speculation. But I am really anxious to see what goes down in the coming months and what the fallout will be if this Rockenfield reunion with Tate turns out to be true."

"Sorry I didn't name names on this. I was asked not to use the person's name, and I need to honor that. And like I said, while I believe it is true, I'd encourage everyone to take it as pure speculation until it comes out, and if it doesn't, oh well."

On to this one from Samsara on March 2, 2018 in response to Setzer,

Quote from: Setzer on March 02, 2018, 08:32:45 AM

Sounds like a big bag of baloney if you ask me.
April 1st is early this year :lol


" :lol

It isn't, but I totally see why some such as yourself may think so. But I will say this, if there is one constant in Queensryche's history, particularly over the last 20 years, it is that they follow the money. Particularly Scott. So I believe it.

What a shit show.  :rollin"

To this one  ;D where Samsara responds to the posts that preceded his answers:

Other poster;
I still find it hard to believe that a Tateryche with Scott would make more money, especially for Scott, than a Queensryche with TLT and a new record followed by a new tour.

"Remember, current Queensryche cannot perform Operation: Mindcrime in its entirety. Geoff can. If you reunite Geoff and Scott, and bill it as Queensryche, and go out and perform Mindcrime (again, ugh), promoters will pay them more than current QR who as Grappler said, are playing theme parks. And the more original members, the more those guarantees will go up."

Another poster;

And I'm also not sure that a reunited QR will make tons of cash and even less so if they are forced to reunite because of Scott's actions and not because of a mutual agreement.

"TONS of cash? No, those days are gone. But decent cash, for sure. I mean, I am not personally interested unless it was the full original five, but I guarantee you a lineup of Tate/Wilton/Jackson/Rockenfield...and say Mike Stone or Kelly Gray (yes, seriously) and a new album and tour celebrating Mindcrime will make a lot more than the current Queensryche."

Then a further clarification on March 2, 2018

"And just to clarify, since it has gone on a couple of pages now. The only thing I was told was that Rockenfield has joined forces with Tate. Whether you believe that or not is obviously up to you (I happen to). But any of the fallout from that we've been discussing is entirely speculative."

Need some entertainment watching crazy people? I am honored to have a dozen psychotic trolls stalking me because they don't like how I ran a forum about Queensryche! Check out the pathetic group here -

Note: WARNING! 81 percent of everything in that thread is completely BS. Although I do have an obsession with the correct track listing of The Warning! ;-)

70's Classic Rock / Re: Colosseum/ Colosseum II
« on: May 01, 2018, 01:41:04 AM »
Colosseum II definitely deserved a better fate and somehow flew under the radar

QUEENSRYCHE: / Re: Time for a Queensryche Live CD/DVD package
« on: May 01, 2018, 01:39:46 AM »
I had to laugh when I saw this. Quiet Riot (also known as the Frankie Banali Band) is filming a live dvd concert in Italy, actually I believe it was scheduled for this past weekend to be recorded. How many fucking people will actually purchase that dvd when it becomes available? but yet Frankie is making and releasing it, that tells me that there must not be a whole hell of a lot of overhead in doing such a thing. despite the meager sales that it will generate there must be at least some profitability involved or he wouldn't do it.

That begs the question, if that is case. Why the hell hasn't or can't Queensryche put one out?

It looks like Roy is in fact back, with a reunited Conception and an ep due in the fall.

That's a great show. They should have professionally released that one. They definitely dropped the ball with not putting out some more live material from their most popular period. All the bands that are currently putting out all these archival releases, you can't tell me that somebody doesn't make a little cash off those or they wouldn't do it. About time Queensryche put some out. If they won't put a fucking new one than god dammit put out some archive stuff  8)

70's & 80's Heavy Metal bands / Re: Lizzy Borden
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:24:55 AM »
About time after 10 + years, good song I like it  8)

QUEENSRYCHE: / Re: Queensryche (Current Lineup) Live Footage
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:22:29 AM »
The Whisper Spokane WA 3/1/18

QUEENSRYCHE: / Re: 'Till Death Do Us Part (Emily Tate)
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:20:09 AM »
2/10/18 footage, doesn't say the name of the song.

Operation Mindcrime Netherlands 4/15/18

70's Classic Rock / Re: Geordie
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:08:50 AM »

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